The basic function of ornament is, in fact, to embellish: clean lines, geometric motifs, hypnotic patterns of increasing complexity, hollow and solid shapes alternate to come together in a unique, abstract, magnetic and evocative piece of work.

Ancestral symbols, icons from distant times and cultures take shape in ink and enfold the body in exquisite lace, kaleidoscopic visions, abstract motifs recalling the primitive forces of creation, modular systems, spirals and fractals already present already in nature, an echo of their power and mystery. Many atrworks recall Tibetan motifs which are stylised or used with graphics designed to adapt them perfectly to the three-dimensionality of the human body.

Symbols and designs created by means of an intricate interweaving of points, lines and circles come together in a unique composition thanks to the skill and vision of the tattoo artists. Take a look at the tattoos and artwork by Dillon Forte, Nissaco and Virginia Ottina.

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Dillon Forte


Virginia Ottina

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