By popular request here were are again with a week of promotions dedicated to the Oriental style! The Japanese icongraphy of Ukiyo-e, the creative innovation of Irezumi, the dragons, samurai, geishas, darumas, spirits and ghosts are featured in these volumes which we are now offering at a massive discount. Choose your favourite and take advantage now so you can have your very own bookshelf on the Oriental style to turn to for inspiration and leaf through to discover fascinating new ideas.

The Bestseller Japan Reimagined by Mike Dorsey for only a few days at the special price of €70 instead of €90.
Geishas, samurais, kabuki theatre actors, good and evil spirts, as well as divinities become the protagonists of this book by Mike Dorsey, in a world that is fast-paced and bizarre, distorted and ironic.

A Forbidden Craft – Studies by Crez with 50% off the original price. Now €25 instead of €50.
An exquisite miscellany of subjects, themes and characters from nature to samurai, animals to mythological creatures, including daruma, suikoden, samurai, geishas, dragons and much more.

30 Missing Heroes reduced from €80 to €50
The secrets and stories of the Suikoden, legendary heroes from the Eastern tradition. 108 illustrations: 78 antique originals and 30 new and original works realized by, to name a few, Claudia de Sabe, Rodrigo Melo, Rico, Houryu, Horimasa Tosui, Ichibai, Horimomo, Filip Leu.

Ryuki Mysterious Dragons by Horiyoshi III €70 instead of €130.
A study of the icon that is the DRAGON in 250 plates drawn in Indian ink by one of the greatest living exponents of Japanese tattoo: Horiyoshi III Nakano Yoshihito

Horihide by Horihide reduced from €200 to just €90
Horihide (Hideo Kakimoto) is one of the leading exponents of “Horimono”, or the traditional Japanese tattoo. His style takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e. He reinterprets the prints adapted to the human body.

Han’nya Brigade da €50 ora a €30
Over 200 international artists offer their own spin on the Han’nya, this famous mask which is an important symbol in traditional Japanese Noh theatre. Works by Filip Leu, Dalmiro, Ching, Joao Bosco, Vlady, Horichiro, Chris Crooks, Rinzing, Alix Ge, Tomo and many more…