Are you professional tattooists or just lovers of oriental art? Do you want to find out more about oriental tradition and meet the characters who inhabit an ancient world full of magic and mystery through the art and flash of the greatest tattoo artists in the world?

Our catalogue is teeming with titles which allow you to explore Japanese and oriental iconography. And you will find them all on special offer in an exclusive promotion on our website

Flash - The Art of the Mark II - Filip Leu
Flash – The Art of the Mark II – Filip Leu
Han'nya Brigade - Tomo
Han’nya Brigade – Tomo

Our collection of books is the fruit of collaborations with the most celebrated tattoo artists in the world: from the exquisite monographs devoted to the master Horiyoshi III and Horihide, to volumes which bring together the work of artists like Filip Leu, Rinzing, Jondix, Horitaka and many more.