The essential volumes on Japanese and Oriental tattoo in the series The Great Books on the Art of Tattooing

For years now Tattoo Life has published a collection of marvellous books on tattoo in the series The Great Books on the Art of Tattooing. They are written in collaboration with the most famous international tattoo artists who work on original artistic projects commissioned by the Group. Painstaking care taken with the finest detail makes these limited edition volumes a must for the dedicated tattoo lover.

Many titles in the series are devoted to Japanese and Oriental tattoo and the greatest artists and professionals in the world were called on to work on these projects.

If you are curious to discover the history and mysteries of this art, if you want to learn about the work of the grand masters of tattoo, then you cannot afford to miss this series, a must-have for enthusiasts of Japanese culture, a reference work for the art of of the past and present, and a unique source of inspiration for artists, tattooists and art fans in general. The wide selection of popular iconography makes these perfect companion books and resources for anyone interested in tattoo history, design, art, and illustration.

Ryuki – Mysterious Dragons by Horiyoshi III

250 exquisite illustrations published for the first time!

The great Horiyoshi III Nakano Yoshihito has no need of an introduction: for over forty years now he has been tattooing, painting and drawing and is renowned the world over for his incredible and versatile talent. (The book will be available from June). VIEW MORE >

30 Missing Heroes by Various Artists

108 exquisite illustrations all in one volume: to discover the secrets and stories of the Suikoden, legendary heroes from the Eastern tradition. VIEW MORE >

Horihide by Horihide

A tour-de-force of Japanese tattoo art by the world-renowned artist, Horihide. VIEW MORE >

Flash – The Art Of The Mark II by Various Artists

A deluxe limited-edition survey of contemporary flash commissioned exclusively for the publication by some of the world’s finest tattoo artists. VIEW MORE >

Shakti-7 by Jondix

This 120-sheet collection compiles the outlines of Tibetan, Hindu and Thai illustrations created specifically by Jondix for this important publishing project. VIEW MORE >

1000 Oriental Designs Volume II by Various Artists

This gorgeous book explores the elusive world of traditional asian tattooing. VIEW MORE >

Han’nya Brigade by Various Artists

Hannya is a famous icon of the Japanese tradition and undisputed protagonist of one of the editions in THE GOLDEN FLASH COLLECTION, the new series from Tattoo Life: an original new publishing project with a focus on research and discovery. VIEW MORE >

You will find the books in this series in the most prestigious bookshops in the world, including MoMA in New York, or you can purchase them here: WWW.TATTOOLIFESTORE.COM

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