Mandalas, nature and geometric patterns: the interpretation of Orge Kalodimas in a Nutshell!

He is based in Athens (Greece) and famous worldwide for his spiritual mandalas and geometric designs. Orge is a member of the Sake Tattoo Crew, the amazing tattoo shop dedicated to art and founded in Athens in 2005 having a team of 14 tattoo artists.

Organic patterns, skulls and deities, with influences from Tibetan and Christian religions are part of his visual and unmistakeable language, whether developed on skin or on paper.

Orge Kalodimas, Sake Tattoo Crew, Attiki, Greece
Orge Kalodimas, Sake Tattoo Crew, Attiki, Greece

In “115 Mandalas” for example, he has brought together 115 drawings in total black, full of breathtaking details, perfect for lovers of Ornamental tattoo in search of new ideas and inspiration. Don’t miss it!

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