There is no present like time: official opening, 7th July 2017

NR PROJECT opens its doors on the 7th July with the inaugural curato rial project ‘There is no present like time’ curated by Inês Valle, wherein will be presented as an immersive visual experience sharing personal stories of three artists who are pushing the boundaries of tattooing – Carola Deutsch, Hanumantra and A++Void.

This curatorial project depicts the truth that tattoo as an art form is ephemeral as life itself and, a tattoo tends to be a personal expression of someone’s life story on their own body, thus this project aims to surpass these usual suppositions by inviting tattoo artists from across the globe to share one personal story that has marked them as individuals.

The exhibition in the form of a live art, will share with the audience, stories that will flourish through unique tattoo designs in a fusion of image, sound, performace and techonology.

Each invited artist unveils a story that tranforms slowly and delicately disclosing intimate worlds.

Stay tuned to discover more!

NR Project - There is no present like time
NR Project – There is no present like time

NR PROJECT founded by the entrepreneur Ben Lakin, is an Art Space that has the ambition to bridge the existent gap between the Visual and Tattooing Art World. Through a critical curatorial program, NR PROJECT will provide an experiemental art platform that aims to push the current boundaries of tattooing through collaboration with artists and creative minds.

Founder / Director: Ben Lakin
Curator: Inês Valle
Manager: Nadia Nardelli
NR Studios
6 Minerva Street, London, United Kingdom