Nissaco is a Japanese tattooist from Osaka, who offers his own original take on the Japanese style, combining the traditional icons with geometric patterns.

His tattoos are decidedly complicated and require considerable technical skill as well as a fair dose of creativity: dense patterns and hypnotic geometries come together with subjects from Oriental tradition all rendered in potent black. His style is experimental despite the undoubted influence of tradition.

Nissaco, Nissaco Tattoo, Osaka, Japan
Nissaco, Nissaco Tattoo, Osaka, Japan

Nissaco is the owner of Chopstick Studio in Osaka, located in one of the older buildings in the city. His calendar is packed with engagements… So keep an eye on his profile if you have any plans to get one of his marvellous tattoos.

We talked to him a while ago and this is a little sneak peak of what he said:

“Much of my work is based on the Japanese style,” he says, “and although I don’t pay that much attention to my roots or to certain rules, I feel that certain ideas which come to me spontaneously are nonetheless influenced by my culture. In any case, what matters most to me is to be free and to always do interesting pieces.”

The complete interview is published in the April/May issue of Tattoo Energy.

Instagram: Nissaco