Nick Cave

Abrand new world tour ready to start, an heartbreaking album released last fall and a myth that will last forever. In a few words: Mr. King Ink.

This year (next September 22th) the distinguished Mr Nicolas Edward Cave, better known as “Nick”, will reach the ripe old age of 60. It’s quite an age, there’s no doubt about that. Meanwhile, 35 years has passed since ‘Junkyard’, the last outstanding album from Birthday Party, but it hasn’t been time spent in vain. Cave, in fact, has been a rocker, singer/song writer, an educated musician with Lydia Lunch, an actor with Wim Wenders, a soundtrack author, the madcap leader of Bad Seeds and Grinderman and the man behind the outstanding recent ‘Skeleton Tree’ masterpiece (2016).

Nearly three decades ago, in 1983, the toxic group Birthday Party said enough is enough because too many drugs were circulating within that weird circle of friends.

Then Cave moved to West Berlin and formed the Bad Seeds with whom he recorded the ultimate ‘From Her to Eternity’ (1984). There is no doubting the fact that he had great taste when it came to getting musicians together and proof of this is in the first line-up: Mick Harvey (another survivor from Birthday Party), Blixa Bargeld from Einstürzende Neubauten, Hugo Race and Barry Adamson (ex Magazine).

Probably the fans’ best and most-loved ‘Seed’.

From thereon followed a load of albums – all excellent and a mixture of blues, ballads, elegant arrangements and a few old ghosts – from which it’s hard to choose the best, even today. We propose these five numbers (the emotional ‘Your Funeral, My Trial’, the underrated ‘Henry’s Dream’, the ultimate ‘Let Love In’, the mature ‘The Boatman’s Call’ and the same ‘Skeleton Tree’ released after the tragic loss of his beloved son Arthur), but we know we’re doing a disservice to the ones we leave out.

Nick Cave will embark on his brand new world tour the next May 26th with a very awaited gig at Kings Theatre in New York City. The King Ink will spend the rest of 2017 playing almost everywhere. Because like his drummer Jim Sclavunos says:

«Nick is like that: he gets bored, he’s always looking around for something else to do.».

Have a nice trip, Mr. Cave!