Sad news from New York City: June 30th will be the last day of tattooing at New York Adorned, on 2nd Avenue.

But still, the team has some big plans for that day.

There’ll be lots of pre-drawn flash that have things to do with NYC and New York Adorned (simple line drawings, flat price) waiting for you: you’ll choose the design off the wall, but not the artist, because there’ll be a rotation in the stations.

But don’t worry, as the tattoo artists that are going to work that day are: Bart Bingham, Chad Chesko, Chris Garver, Dave Shoemaker, Eddy Deutsche, Espi, Hector Fong, Juan Puente, Kiku, Kris Magnotti, Rg, Rich Cahill, Stephanie Tamez, Tomas Garcia, Todd Noble, Troy Denning, Virginia Elwood, Yoni Zilber, Chad Koplinger, Brian Kaneko.

New Yprk Adorned by Brian Kaneko
New York Adorned by Brian Kaneko

Don’t miss the chance to get tattooed there for the last time!

We want to say goodbye to this amazing tattoo studio, with the letter from the founder, Lori Leven:

«The world of tattooing has been my life everyday for more than 30 years. It has undoubtedly formed who I am as a person – good and bad.

It has taught me to strongly follow my vision, no matter what the outside world says. It taught me the more you give, the more you get. It’s also taught me a few hard and painful lessons. But now I feel the time has come that I no longer want to own a traditional tattoo shop. Because of this @newyorkadorned on 2nd Ave will no longer offer tattooing after July.

New York Adorned
New York Adorned

As my life has unfolded, my traveling out of NYC has given me a more nomadic lifestyle. For a tattoo shop to be magical, you need to be there all the time. Connecting to your artists, art and clients. I still have a deep love for tattooing and plan to continue the NYA legacy , the small, guest only shop upstairs from @loveadorned in LA. (That way I don’t miss all of my homies) I’m super excited for this new incarnation.

So then what about 2nd Ave? Here I’m going to create an expanded piercing experience and a custom jewelry world. I’m going to produce a reimagined piercing jewelry line I had in the early 90s that I created with Don Purple called #WorldAdorned A whole new perspective.. Because let’s face it, the piercing jewelry world could really use a new perspective.

Yoni Zilber and Lori Leven
Yoni Zilber and Lori Leven

All in all, while I am definitely sad to close this chapter, I am infinitely excited to start the new. Thank you to everyone over these decades who has contributed to making the original New York Adorned an innovative and exciting place to be, especially @yonizilber for being there with me on this long and wild ride.

I am forever grateful».

If you want to learn more about New York Adorned also read our article, here:

You will still find the shop on Second Avenue, with a beautiful selection of exclusive vintage and designer jewelry!

New York Adorned
#47 Second Avenue, New York, Ny 10003