Much like anything that leaves a lasting impression, Adorned’s history has been a living journey, with the shop and it’s visionary driving force constantly working on new ways to expand creatively. To say Leven and the Adorned family are a close-knit crew is an understatement.

They are not only dedicated, but they know that keeping the spirit that makes tattooing so goddamn fun, alive, and well is just as important as keeping your swords sharp.

After 20 years of making magic, they show no signs of slowing down. With the current gang of Yoni Zilber, Brad Stevens, Bart Bingham, Kris Magnotti, Dan Bythewood, Matt Black, Jose Chalarca and Katie Gray intact and rolling steady, along with a ten-mile-long guest list of talent, the shop is as relevant and at the forefront of the movement as it ever was.

You can read the full story of New York Adorned on the latest issue of Tattoo Life. In the meanwhile you can check out the history in pictures just right here!

47 Second Avenue (between 2nd and 3rd Streets), New York, NY 10003