Discover the guide to the best tattooists in northern Europe!

The new edition of the German Yearbook is finally out on newsstands and in our online store: a full-depth reportage on tattoo shops and artists from Germany, Austria, German-speaking Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

German Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2020
German Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2020

Tattoo Life is proud to present readers the historic guide to the world of tattoo across the Alps: divided up according to geographic region, easy to consult, with familiar faces and a chance to discover emerging talent, thanks to a endless gallery of fresh ideas and inspiration.

Many professionals and tattoo shops answered our call, to emerge from the jungle of the internet and return to the genuineness and prestige of good old-fashioned print! In order to be part of the Yearbook, the tattoo artists chose images of their best work and put themselves and their reputation on the line: each making their own personal contribution to a geographic jigsaw puzzle to offer tattoo lovers, with classic icons from Japanese, Traditional, Horror, Lettering, Black and Grey, Ornamental and all the new interpretations and artistic influences.

Rio Tattoo

The 2020 Yearbook highlights tastes and trends, giving a true picture of the state of the art, an instamatic photo of the German tattoo scene.

Imaginarium Custom Tattoos

The participants in all five editions – German, Italian, French, Spanish and British – will be present online too, on the social media of Tattoo Life, with countless posts over the course of the year. All lovingly presented, without tricks or confusion, in the spirit of professionalsim which has been our hallmark over these past twenty-five years.

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