The main model of this month is a Canadian happy mom and a big fan of both US hip hop and the unforgettable actor Robin Williams. Let’s find out more.

Hi Nattee, can you fill us in and tell us about yourself, your life and the main highlights of your modelling career so far…
The most important role in my life is being a mother of two beautiful children and being a wife. I was born and still live in Canada. However my Polish roots are very strong as I come from Polish immigrant parents. I spent almost every summer of my childhood in Poland with my family. I speak two languages fluently and I studied French for 9 years. My life took me around the world, from South-East Asia, to the Americas and all over Europe.

Nattee H, ph by William Riquelme
Nattee H, ph by William Riquelme

About the July shoot: we want to know every minute of that day with Christian Saint…
One of the most significant highlights of my modelling career has to have been working with Christian Saint in New York City! He is a fantastic photographer and human being and I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him. The shoot was all within a studio space and when I saw the finished product I was in awe!

Let’s talk about your tattoos: who is the dark female figure on your right arm?
My right arm is a sleeve dedicated to the movie “Black Swan”. The figure on my shoulder is Natalie Portman and the silhouette below is a ballerina dancing. I have been an avid ballet dancer since the age of 5 and to this day I dabble in the art and hope to perform on stage again one day.

Nattee H, ph by @jamietphotography
Nattee H, ph by @jamietphotography

Why a “Good Morning Vietnam” tattoo (with lettering included) on your right thigh? Was it perhaps a heartfelt tribute to the unforgettable Robin Williams?
Growing up, Robin Williams was my favourite actor and to this day is still one of my favourite actors. I even enjoyed his stand up comedy as an adult. The tattoo was done soon after his passing for many reasons: one of the reasons was to pay tribute to him. The other was to tie in the movie “Good Morning Vietnam” and how even through the darkest times, we need to remind ourselves of the humour and light in our lives.

And what about that lettering?
The lettering below the portrait is from “Dead Poet Society” and it says “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world”.

I would like to believe that I live by those words every day, even if it’s just what I instil in my children so that they can change the world for the better one day.

You have a Black and Grey “Girl with a Pearl Earring” reproduction on the inner side of your left arm. Were you influenced by the 2003 movie starring Scarlett Johansson or have you seen it live in a museum?
The tattooed painting of the “Girl with a Pearl Earing” is a bit of an homage to my husband. The painting is by Jan Vermeer, a Dutch painter from the 17th century. My husband is of Dutch descent, we are both obsessed with paintings and visiting museums whenever we travel, and he was the one who tattooed this piece on me. It was the first painting-style tattoo he had ever done so it was very special. Unfortunately, I have not seen the movie or the painting in person, however we do plan on visiting the Netherlands again and visiting the museum in The Hague where the painting resides.

Do you have trusted tattoo artists in Hamilton/Ontario or abroad?
I may be a little biased but my husband, Aaron Hopman at “Hamilton Tattoo Parlour” is my trusted tattoo artist. My husband Aaron has done most of my tattoos, especially the Black and Grey Realism/Portrait tattoos. He is one of the most light handed artists I have ever had the pleasure of getting tattooed by as well, which makes the experience a bit more enjoyable. Another amazing artist and friend that did the Dr. Dre portrait on my right thigh is from Toronto and his name is Mike Storey; I highly recommend checking out his work and his shop “The Black Pearl”.

Tattoo model Nattee H photographed by Christian Saint
Tattoo model Nattee H photographed by Christian Saint

Last question. Yeah, like you said, you have gorgeous Eminem & Dr Dre portrait tattoos. So give us the definitive top 5 hip hop playlist by Nattee H exclusively for…
Thank you. I absolutely love those two artists. Their music got me through a lot of tough times growing up. This is a tough question. There is no way I can narrow down my top 5 hip hop tracks so I’ll mention my top 5 hip hop musicians: 1) Eminem; 2) Dr. Dre; 3) Snoop Dogg; 4) Kendrick Lamar; 5) Mac Miller. They are all awesome rappers.

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