Last September Montreux Tattoo Convention in Switzerland took place. It was the 3rd edition and even for a young convention the organizers set up an event that every one are still talking about. The keys of this success is that they made great effort to welcome the artists and the visitors.

The organizers have taken their inspiration from both Paris and London Conventions. There, visitors have opportunity to meet 160 International tattoo Artists and attend great shows during the 3 days.

For tattoo lovers, the short listing of the tattooers is very strict. The organizers traveled the world to find blooming artists and convince famous ones to attend the convention. This year, visitors and clients had the pleasure to meet Tin-Tin and his team, Mickael de Poissy, Horichiro, Yugo Omniinks, the Flying Dutchman, Claire Griffin, Bornéo headhunters tattoo, Laurence Ah Ching (how offer us an amazing traditional ceremony), and many more… All countries and all styles ( from Europe, USA, Polynesia, Australia…) were and consequently the 10.000 visitors had the opportunity to find what they wanted so bad!

Montreux Tattoo Convention 2017

Also, they were able to enjoy différent gigs by great bands, an amazing pin-up and Mister bearded contests, a flat BMX ride show by the world champion Adam Kun and the fashion shibari show by Fred Kyrel and his beautiful models.

The food was also nice with a great selection of waffles, vegan meals, pasta and burgers.
For the tattoo artists, a private catering area where they could have breakfast, drinks and snacks during the 3 days, and… Massage!

Montreux Tattoo Convention 2017

In only 3 years, the Montreux Tattoo convention became one of the place-to-be in Europe.

Next year’s show will be better as the organisers will level up the selection of artists and the quality of the shows – do not miss it!! Keep tuned and save the date!!!