Mondial du Tatouage 2017

Paris – March 3,4,5, 2017

The French ‘grandeur’ here never lets us down. It is fresh and magnificent with each new edition, but the details are always different and there are always so many new things to see. The location remains the same: the Grande Halle de La Villette – but each year there’s a whole new world inside, with artists, the public, real personalities and those found on skin, tattooed animals, samurai, skulls, women inside wolves’ heads, seas, clouds, and so much more. This three-day event of non-stop movement is truly a big show. Here tattooing is exalted: welcome to Mondial du Tatouage 2017, where every fantasy becomes a reality.

Find our full reportage on the next issue of Tattoo Life!


Best small black and grey
1° NORMAN (Shovel Tattoo Shop, France)
2° ROBERT BORBAS (Rooklet Ink, Hongary)
3° JOAO MORAIS (Piranha Tatttoo Studios, Portugal)
Best small colour
1° AEL LIM (Imagine Tattoo Studio, Singapour)
2° ALESSANDRO PELLEGRINI (Deep in Tattoo, Italy)
3° PABLO DE (Tattoo Lifestyle, Italy)
Best of Friday
1° JOAO MORAIS (Piranha Tattoo Studios, Portugal)
2° DEBORA CHERRYS (La Mujer Barbuda, Spain)
3° ASTIN (Astin Tattoo, Spain)

Best big black and grey
1° PIERRE OKED (Tin-tin Tatouages, France)
2° MATTEO PASQUALIN (The Inkers Tattoo Shop, Italy)
3° HERNAN CHANG (Tattooism, South Korea)
Best big colour
1° RAPHAEL TIRAF (Knock on Wood Tattoo, France)
2° HORIHUI (Taïwan Horihui Tattoo, Taïwan)
3° CHRIS CROOKS (White Dragon Tattoo, Northern Ireland)
1° DEBORA CHERRYS (La Mujer Barbuda, Spain)
2° DR PEPPER (Dr Pepper Tattoo Studio, Greece)
3° ABER TATTOOER (Moth and Rose Tattoo Shop, Greece)

Best back piece and full body
1° HORITOKU (Tattoo in Japan, Japan)
2° UIGU LEE (Zumiism, Korea)
3° CHING (Orient Ching, Taiwan)
Best of Sunday
1° DODIE (L’Heure Bleue, France)
2° ALEX SORSA (Pont Royal, Russia)
3° L’OISEAU (Faubourg Tattoo Club, France)


(Photos by Debora Marcati)