There should be no need to say it, but it never hurts to repeat it: don’t let yourselves be fooled by her look, and those (gorgeous) black tattoos that make her seem such a badass. Monami is “just a little sunshine”. A sweet mom, a strong business woman, a convinced vegan, committed to her family and her beloved partner (tattoo artist Anrijs Straume), a great tattoo collector. Read this interview to discover who Monami Frost really is and what strength and skill she’s used to overtun stereotypes one by one.

Hi Monami, can I ask you straight off how it is that you became a collector of tattoos? When did you get your first tattoo, and who did it for you, and how did it go from there?
I’m not sure how it all started and where I got the idea of wanting tattoos, but I think my first ever time I saw a tattoo on someone and thought it looked great was when I saw Eminem on MTV. I thought it was so cool and looked better then clear skin. So that’s when I started thinking that it’s weird to look at my skin and it felt like something is missing there. So I got my first tattoo when I was 14. It was a friend of a friend that did it for me and she had never tattooed anyone before. I was basically her guinea pig. She was really worried and kept saying if I was sure as she had never done it before. And I remember saying that you can always cover it up later if it’s not the best. But I just wanted to have ink in my skin. It was on my forearm… and now it is covered (she laughs).

Monami Frost
Monami Frost

That lettering you have on your stomach really caught my eye: The Storm is Coming. Has your storm arrived yet?
I love the feeling I have when there is an actual thunderstorm coming. I feel butterflies in my stomach. There is some magical, strong vibe about that word and saying. Metaphorically speaking. Yes it has arrived. My whole life is a storm. Everyday something new and exciting is happening. I still feel like it’s just the beginning for great things. But even if this is it. It is everything I could never even have imagined and more. My life – my family, my career. It’s a dream.

Black dominates on your body, but still, behind this kind of dark look, I get the impression there is a gentle, sunny soul. Or at least that’s the feeling I get from your stories by images on Instagram. Am I right there? Or maybe, like all of us, are you made up of contrast?
I get it all the time. People think I look like a badass with all my tattoos, but inside I am just this overly positive girl next door. That’s what it is. I guess I love the black and grey tattoos as they are more serious and strong and that’s the way I show that side of me. I can be strong and I have had to be strong going through a lot in my life. But deep down I’m just a little sunshine. I think that’s what makes me keep going and do what I do is having strength but at the same time being driven by love and kindness.

I love to show the world that stereotypes can be far from the truth.

Which is your favourite tattoo? Have you ever regretted a piece you got done? And if so, why?
I love all of them, really! Everyone has a different reason why I love it. I love my white snowflake on my face as it is quite unique and feel like it makes me… Me. I love my black arm as it is just so simple and elegant. I love my palm tattoos and inside of my fingers as it says – Gabriela (my daughter’s name). I love my backpiece as it has quite a deep meaning exactly referring to my optimistic spirit. I love my whole body and all my tattoos as they are all done by my husband (except palm tattoos) and I feel like I am his painting. His painting in progress. I love that!

I see that you’ve written a book of vegan recipes. Can you tell us about it? How did this project come about?
Oh yes! I am so incredibly happy I actually did it! It had been on my mind for a few years. As I love cooking and I am super passionate about Veganism. That was something I wanted to share with everyone and show how actually easy it is and how little time it requires. Because if I can find time in my crazy busy schedule to cook every night than everyone can. My book contains 100 easy simple recipes that do not require any Vegan substitutes. It is all made from whole plant based ingredients. I was really concentrating on that, as I have a massive following base from all over the world and I wanted everyone to be able to cook vegan food. A lot of people always tell me that they can’t be vegan because they don’t live somewhere where there’s many vegan options. So this is how I wanted to show that you can. You can always do it, if you want to. I am over the moon by the response I am getting since releasing the book. I did not expect this at all. I’m speechless and have no idea where this is gonna take me, but there are so many ideas in my mind now. Just gonna have to see, what l can do and do my best.

Monami Frost
Monami Frost

You have a marvellous little girl! Can I ask you what sort of mother you are?
Yes. Gabriela. She is 7 years old. I am not a mom-mom. I am her friend and I love every second of it. I love showing her the world and seeing through her eyes too. I try to approach motherhood and everything with love. I try to be patient and I believe everything can be fixed with love. Any problem, any tantrum. You can’t put out fire with fire. That’s what I go by. I am the best friend for my daughter. I try and talk and be honest about everything with her and teach her to love the world and I try to be the best example for her. Trying to make her proud with everything I am doing.

What is your typical day like?
It is chaotic and organised at the same time. There are things I do by plan. Wake up. Wake up my daughter. Prepare school lunch for her. Make breakfast. Start answering emails. Anrijs Takes Gaby to school. While I start designing and working on my clothing brand. Making deals about my book and so on. Planning trips. And from then on anything can happen. It always depends on what is working and what is not. That is the chaotic part. I never know what is gonna happen. There is always something going on with the clothing brand and the book. And of course on top of that I have to film and edit at least 2 videos every week. And plus take photos and keep up my Instagram and my brands Instagram. I try to just do as much as I can before my daughter gets back from school so I can concentrate on her more. So I pick her up and then I just do mom stuff with in between trying to do some business on my phone and laptop while I cook food and do house stuff. As I love to be a housewife too. I love cooking and I always try and be the best wife and mom. So I do all the food shopping online too and cleaning. And at the evening when my husband get’s home all I just wanna do is hang out with him. Put some movie in the background. Eat some yummy food and talk and be with each other. Even if most of the time it is while we are still doing some work, most important is to just be next to him even if we are not talking. That’s kinda that.

What do you get up to in your free time? What sort of music do you listen to? What tv series do you watch? Do you like art exhibitions? Sport? Shopping, like all women?
I don’t really have free time. If we have a second with my husband we love to go to the cinema. Or just eat some good food and watch some movies. And that’s it. I listen to a lot of soundtrack music (from movies like “Drive”, “Spring Breakekers”, “Lost River”, which are my favourite movies). I really don’t like shopping. I do only online shopping. I love food shopping more than shopping for clothing or anything like that. I still shop for clothing but it’s all online. I don’t like going in to a store… I wish I could exercise, but I just can’t find time. But I hope one day I get to it. I don’t watch a lot of tv shows. Especially lately as I don’t have time. But there are two shows I just have on repeat for years going in the background while I do my work and home stuff. It’s “Desperate Housewives” and “Friends”!

Can you name a female role model of yours?
I could say my Mom. She thought me the love and that’s the most important thing in the world and I am so grateful for that. Unconditional love and sacrifice and trying to be and do your best always.

There are so many things I would like to ask you but there just isn’t the space… Would you like to wind up by telling us something about your plans for the future?
I don’t think too much about future. Maybe a few months in future but only for traveling. Life is crazy and I love everything as how it is now. If I stayed here and nothing else happened and this was my life forever, I would love that so much and I would be the happiest. And I am now. I am so genuinely happy inside and I don’t need anything to happen. This is it.

I am just happy and for everything that happens and every path my life takes me and I love enjoying every minute of it and not really thinking too much about the future.

I think that’s the beauty and secret of happiness. Not waiting for the future or striving for something. It’s being aware of the moment and doing the best and most you can with the time you have and loving every minute of it. That’s how a bright future is made.

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