Her real name is Minja Cvetković, but this lovely model from Serbia owes her nickname to The Cramps, the ones who created that influential psychobilly album ‘Songs the Lord Taught Us’, released back in 1980. Our Miss ‘Psycho Cat’ also “taught” us a few things about the ink she’s chosen, during an entertaining interview full of charm, music, and love for everything vintage…

(The full interview was originally published on Tattoo Life Magazine March/April 2020)

Miss Psycho Cat by Mina @pilezutophotography
Miss Psycho Cat by Mina @pilezutophotography

Minja, my very first question is inevitable: when did you discover that you had a great passion for tattoo art deep down?
I’ve always loved tattoos, and ever since I was a teenager I knew that I would become one of those heavily tattooed grandmas one day… But, despite the great anticipation, I waited until I was nineteen/twenty years old to get my first official tattoo.

Which was…?
Well, I wanted to start with something small so I chose three little signs on my neck: the peace symbol, a paw and a heart. Each of them represents a family member.

Miss Psycho Cat by Mina @pilezutophotography
Miss Psycho Cat by Mina @pilezutophotography

Besides your neck, are you only tattooed on your right arm?
Yeah, except for those three small tattoos and a part of my shoulder, I’ve “just” got a sleeve on my right arm. It actually hasn’t been completed, to be honest.

Are you thinking about adding more ink to your body? And if so, have you already got a plan buzzing around your head?
Yeah. I want to finish my right arm completely before I move to other body parts and add more tattoos. During the next year or two I would love to get some tattoos done on my thighs, part of my left arm, my chest and sternum.

Your right sleeve, the one that’s almost finished, is a mix of Traditional and New School subjects. How did you approach these two very different styles that are so contradictory?
You’re right, they are contradictory. That is exactly the style and mix I was aiming for.

In any case, I always consult my tattoo artist about the placement of the subjects, the colors etc.

By the way, who are we talking about?
My favorite artist. His name is Nemanja and he works at the Karavampir Tattoo Club in Belgrade. We’ve known each other for a long time now and he knows exactly what I want and how to make all kind of different motives match each other.

Miss Psycho Cat by Mina @pilezutophotography
Miss Psycho Cat by Mina @pilezutophotography

However you were saying that your right sleeve isn’t finished yet…
Right. The main reason why it’s taken so long to do my sleeve is that I don’t have a clear idea of new subjects in my head. I prefer to collect them over time and “memorise” some special things, events and people on my skin, with ink.

Let’s talk about some specific pieces: you’ve got a Maneki Neko on your right wrist. Why is that? Do you believe in that Japanese good luck charm?
No, actually that’s just a tribute to the trip I took to Japan in 2019. Visiting the Land of the Rising Sun had been a big dream of mine, and so I knew from the start that I’d be getting a reminder of that special moment.

Miss Psycho Cat by Mina @pilezutophotography
Miss Psycho Cat by Mina @pilezutophotography

Tell me the truth: is that Traditional sailor adorning the upper part of your arm a tribute to yourself?
It’s definitely not a tribute to myself! I see it more as a tribute to Sailor Jerry and pin-up girls in general. I don’t even think that it looks like me, although I do hear that now and then…

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Photos by Mina @pilezutophotography