Mimi Nashi Hoichi

Crez interviews Fabrice Taieb of 1900 Gallery (Düsseldorf) about his upcoming project developed around the figure of Mimi Nashi Hoichi.

Crez: Explain briefly the story of 1900 gallery…
Fabrice: The galerie was born in 2012 with the idea that tattooing is part of the society as well as other occupation of man in the society; tattooing can be a crossroad of many art expression forms ,music,painting, sculpture and the socialisation that goes with it. We thought we should open this place to showcase the other style of art that share a common cultural background with tattooing. And that’s what we do since then.

Crez: Tell us about your next exhibition project, the theme, why did you choose this tale?
Fabrice: Next august , we ll showcase an art show with artwork from different tattooers from all over the world inside the 17TH Wuppertal Tattoo Convention 19-20 August 2017. There will be an auction on Sunday and the money will be donated to a children’s hospice. Once again it made sense to us that tattooing can be used to inspire as well as help. We choose the legend of MIMI NASHI HOICHI… For its really strong surreal feeling atmosphere. It’s a story that take place in a really important time for Japan, the events narrated take place during the war between two important clans the Taira vs Minamoto (1180-1185 Heian era).One of the most famous tales about this war, is the so called HEIKE crab, wich is a recurrent motive in japanese tattooing.The all thing started as a personal project and turned into something bigger and more interesting i think.

Mimi-maschi Oichi by Fabrice Taieb

Crez: Who’s invited to paint for your exhibition and what’s the reason why you invite them?
Fabrice: When it came to send invitations it was very important that the tattooers invited are also painters and have a strong connection with Japanese tattooing… we try to choose a range of style and approaches that will make the show exciting and with a lot of differences. Honestly i am really curious and excited of the outcome.