Interview with the merry tattooed model from Philadelphia who adorns not only the month of September but also the back cover of the Tattoo Life calendar.

Hi Mimi, first of all tell us about yourself and your profession as cosmetic tattoo artist…
I’ve always had an interest in tattoos and I’ve worked in the industry for the last 10 years. When the opportunity arose to move into cosmetic tattooing, I jumped at it! I have been working at “Olde City Tattoo” in Philadelphia for over four and a half years. I’ve loved it so much that when I had thechance to do my cosmetic tattooing here I was extremely excited!

Mimi Fulton, ph by Henry Riggs

Tell us about your studio experience with Christian Saint...
Since I started modelling it has always been a bucket list goal of mine to shoot with Christian Saint. When he contacted me about the shoot I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my chest! (laughs)

Your black and white portrait for the month of September exudes style in its simplicity, doesn’t it?
When I arrived at the studio, Christian and I immediately hit it off. I felt so incredibly comfortable with him right off the bat. He was so friendly and professional and made me laugh a lot (which is my all time favourite thing to do!) so it was an all round amazing experience.

When I received the calendar and saw that not only did I have that graceful black and white photo for September but the back cover as well, I was over the moon!

You are pretty much tattooed all overg your body. When exactly dids your “relationship” with tattoo art begin?
I’ve been collecting tattoos for 22 years. Since working in the industry I’ve been much more careful at curating what I’ve been collecting. This includes me getting laser tattoo removal to lighten tattoos to make room for work I’d like to collect from specific artists. Because of this I’ve covered up numerous tattoos for the last 7 years. I have plans to continue doing this as I would truly love to have the best artwork on me that I can! There still are so many artists that I’d love to collect from. The goal is to have all amazing tattoos with no naked skin from the neck down!

Can you make me a list of your trusted tattoo artists, the ones who have decorated your skin the most?
My absolute favourite tattoos are my vultures and filagree on my neck and throat done by Bobby Johnson who works at “The Grand Reaper” in San Diego. He is not only one of the most talented artists in the game but he’s funny as hell so getting tattooed by him was a blast!

Tell me other big names.
My hands are cover ups done by Danny G who is based out of Texas. My armpits were done by Mony who is based out of Philadelphia. My white tiger that is peeking out of my undies on the back cover of the calendar was done by my coworker, Marty LaCasse who is at “Olde City Tattoo” in Philadelphia. Amanda Leadman did my left sleeve who is based out of Philadelphia as well. My right fingers are coverups done by my best friend, Cindy Vega, at “True Hand” in Philadelphia who also did my Black Metal Kewpie with my burning church and ghost Kewpies on my left calf. Kate Collins did my Black Metal Dietzal girl cover up on my inner left ankle who is also at “True Hand”. Steve Pearson from “Black 13” in Nashville did my plague doctor mask on my right ribs. I’m gonna stop there otherwise I could go on and this paragraph would never end!

Why a greater flamingo on your right arm near your shoulder? Do you have a particular feeling for that specific bird?
I love the way flamingos look as they are such a unique and crazy looking bird. At the time I was obsessed with the colour pink so I just thought it would make a great subject matter for a tattoo! It was done by Shawn Hebrank who is based in Portland. He also did my Black Metal lamb based off of a real lamb born in Norway at Easter who naturally has corpse paint fur. Ironically enough he tattooed this lamb on me on an Easter Sunday! (laughs)

Tattoo model MiMi Fulton photographed by Christian Saint
Tattoo model MiMi Fulton photographed by Christian Saint

Who is that huge female face tattooed starting out from your back as far as your right side/thigh?
The reference photo used for my Vegas showgirl with the black swan headdress was from a photo of a silent film actress whose name eludes me at this time.

And your last famous words are…?
I will guarantee this is not the last you’ll see of me! Keep an eye out for the girl with the “Momma Tried” tattoo (on her belly)!

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