The Reverend has acted with the Hole leader in ‘Tattooed in reverse’, a tune taken by his last album. And there is a gorgeous tattooed exotic model too…

Reverend shocker Marilyn Manson has released the music video for ‘Tattooed in reverse’ (and with a title like that we immediately pointed our antennas…) featuring a cameo from Courtney Love by the Hole.

Taken from his acclaimed 2017 album ‘Heaven Upside Down‘, the video shows Love acting like a perverse nurse and wheeling Manson down a dark corridor in a typically creepy hospital ward. «Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse? Oh sh**…I did!», wrote the Reverend himself on his various social networks.

You can watch the video in all its gothic radiance by clicking below.

Instagram: @marilynmanson