On 16th August the Italian-American singer will be sixty years of age. Let’s celebrate with a gallery of tattoos and talking about her new album.

It’s her birthday and rumours are circulating about Madonnas’s new album, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Rebel Heart’, and at this stage it looks like it might be 2019 before it sees the light of day.

Yomico Moreno, Last Rites Tattoo, New York, USA
Yomico Moreno, Last Rites Tattoo, New York, USA

There is not much out there on the net, so all we know is that the the French producer Mirwais will be at the helm (much loved by fans for his work on essential records like 2000’s ‘Music’, ‘American Life’ which came out in 2003 and ‘Confessions On a Dance Floor’ in 2005), that the project is taking shape and that one of the tracks may well be be called ‘Beautiful Game’.

This indiscretion originates in an enigmatic tweet posted by Madge to her admirers last May. Though it isn’t clear whether ‘Beautiful Game’ might be a reference to the title of her fourteenth album or to one of the tracks featured on it.

At the same time as she is working on her new album, Madonna has told the English media that she really wants to direct a movie about the life of Michaela DePrince, a fabulous ballerina from Sierra Leone who, at a mere twenty-three years of age, has already published her autobiography, ‘Taking Flight’. A book which seems to have made quite an impression on Madonna.

Relive the legend of the Queen of Pop in this gallery dedicated to her on the occasion of her sixtieth birthday. Many happy returns, Madge!