Lydia is an extremely talented young Spanish tattoo artist who has been making a name for herself on the international scene with her hyperfeminine total black tattoos which showcase her undeniable technical talent. Women are the stars in her pieces, as they are in her eBook: Black Feels Good. Let’s get to know her a little better in this short and sweet interview.

Hi Lydia, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
I started tattooing two and a half years ago in Barcelona was where I learned for about a year and a half seeing all kinds of tattoo artists and going to escort conventions.

Lydia Madrid, La Llorona Tattoo, Madrid, Spain
Lydia Madrid, La Llorona Tattoo, Madrid, Spain

When did you start tattooing and how would you define your style?
How would you define my style? The truth is that I could not tell you myself, but, they tell me it’s elegant, simple. I think I would define it as something simple and delicate, I feel that I communicate a lot in the designs depending on my mood.

Has it changed over time
Yeah sure. At first in the direction of animals, objects… not girls. In fact, I said that I was never going to do girls, because I panicked that they were going to turn out wrong. But over time I decided, I tried, and it felt good, people liked my work and since then they have not stopped asking me for women, and I love doing them. As regards how I did women at the beginning and how I do them now, my work has definitely evolved.

I have been trying out things, and I tend to do what I enjoy most. But I’m constantly learning.

Is it important for you to also paint and draw, besides tattooing?
Definitely. In fact I would like to have more time to devote myself to drawing, or to learn other techniques such as sculpture, or painting. I think it is essential to continue developing in other fields and aspects so that I can keep growing both as an artist in tattoo and as a person.

What are your favourite subjects and techniques?
In relation to tattoo, I really like Dotwork, the solidity of black, but I also like colour a lot and it has a powerful attraction for me. As regards other fields, I really like oil painting a lot, it’s something I did when I was little. But I’m very interested in sculpture and painting in different media.

Lydia Madrid, La Llorona Tattoo, Madrid, Spain
Lydia Madrid, La Llorona Tattoo, Madrid, Spain

Where did the idea of this eBook come from?
I had never thought of doing anything like this until Miki suggested it and it sounded like a great idea. Then I decided to compile some of the drawings I had done – not that many since I hadn’t tattooed for some time. So I came up with this eBook so that people from all over the world could see it without it needing to be a physical book.

Black Feels Good” tattoo eBook is an ode to feminine beauty, where graphic design meets tattoo art and illustration. Lydia Madrid created a collection which reflects her delicate and romantic soul, but also also some deep thoughts on the dark side of the human soul… This amazing eBook is available on

What are your plans for the future?
Well, above all, to keep learning and evolving, since I have a long way to go.
I would love to travel much more, to live in other places and to be grow and learn from new experiences. So I hope I manage to do it.

Lydia Madrid, La Llorona Tattoo, Madrid, Spain
Lydia Madrid, La Llorona Tattoo, Madrid, Spain
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