After working as an illustrator, Luxiano decided to learn the art of tattooing and created a unique style, inspired by everything that surround him: from sign paintings to the folk art in the Latin American streets. His tattoos are truly “honest”, just as he wants them to be. Read this interview to discover more…

Luxiano, Klassik 31, Mexico City
Luxiano, Klassik 31, Mexico City

Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Luciano. I am based in Mexico City and I would love to tattoo you.

When did you start tattooing and what is your background?
I started tattooing five years ago, after many years of working in arts and illustration. I was working as an artist as well, doing artshows in Bolivia, Argentina, Germany and many more. Sadly, I had to realise that making it in the art world has more to do with contacts than talent. That’s something I understood is way different in the tattooing business.

Where are you at the moment and what are you working on?
I just got back to Mexico City, after traveling to Russia to check out the worldcup. I finally have some time to pick up on larger projects I have here. Also, I am working on a large letterpress design for Raking Lights Projects, which got me very excited.

I noticed you’ve been recently working in NYC: how was it?
It was great. I always love to work in NYC. I was guesting at the amazing Green Point Tattoo co. Best energy and super talented artists made this experience definitely one that I want to repeat as soon as possible.

Talking about your style: I’d say that it’s very personal, something difficult to define… It is so multi-faceted. How would you describe it?
Well I would say I just try to create something authentic. Something that is easy to recognize. It’s hard for me to give it a name. Just honest tattooing, something easy to read.

Luxiano, Klassik 31, Mexico City
Luxiano, Klassik 31, Mexico City

Is there anything about the mexican culture that influence your works?
I wouldn’t say Mexican more Latin American in general. Yeah, definitely. I don’t try to get my inspiration from other tattooers, in order to keep my work unique, so most of my inspiration comes from what surrounds me. Sign paintings or folk art from Latin American streets.

What about the subjects you tattoo? Where do you get your inspirations and what are your reference?
I wish I could extend my range of tattoo designs. I sadly have a quite small range of designs I tattoo recently. I always tell my clients that somehow I want my designs not to be too funny looking. More serious. that’s why I often tattoo reapers or devils. Lately I have been doing comic figures as well.

But I always try to keep it quite classy, since I don’t want my style to look too artsy. I get my inspiration from religious or prison tattoos.

Is there any tattoo artist (form the present or the past) that influence you right now?
There are many tattoo artists that i admire and influence me. not only bc of theyre work but also from the person they are besides tattooing. To name a few: @claygibson @simonerl @mxmttt @ignaciottd @jason__ochoa @cokney and many more…

Any other art forms which inspire you?
I like airbrush art, all kind of murals done with brushes not spray paint, im in to alot of printing art and yeah music is very inspiring to me.

If you had to choose a song, a book, and a movie what would it be?
thats a tuff one. Song would probably be: 2Pac “When I Get Free”. Book “The Death Instinct” by Jaques Mesrine, and movie could be “Mars Attacks”… but to be honest I am not a movie person.

What do you do in your free time… If you have any?
I really enjoy cooking. I’m not very good at it. But I don’t mind to spend 3 hours preparing something that is eaten in 10 minutes. It’s relaxing and keeps me off the phone. I also enjoy spending time with my dogs or everything soccer related (watch games on tv or in the stadium, play games in person or with the PlayStation).

Luxiano, Klassik 31, Mexico City
Luxiano, Klassik 31, Mexico City

What are your projects for the future?
I’d love to be more fluent on my working trips, so I can enjoy them more and wouldn’t feel as exhausted as I do by now. I guess it’s about practice and learning from my mistakes.

Where do people can find you and get tattooed by you?
I am based in Mexico City, I run my own private studio @klassik_31 if you want to get tattooed in a relaxed ambiance your best shot is to come see me here.

Is there anything you want to add before we say goodbye?
Thanks alot for your interest in sharing my work. I hope to always entertain you by keeping evolving and working hard. Go vegan!

Luxiano, Klassik 31, Mexico City

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