I can clearly remember the first time I stumbled across Lars Uwe Jensen (aka Lu’s Lips) art. At the time, the only way to discover new artists (and new music, but that’s another story) was Myspace, and while I was randomly searching for good tattoos I saw his stuff.

No further indication, except his name, and some pics. No address, not even the shop’s name. It was a different time, but it was already clear he was playing a different game from anyone I ever saw before. Now, fifteen years later (more or less), he still is. While the tattoo buisness became mainstream, and tons of amazing neo ntraditional artists came out, he is still the best in a style he highly contributed to perfect. The raphaelesque elegance of the shapes, the perfect use of the contrast between light and obscurity, gold and black, all perfectly translated in the tattoo language. Everyone I know wearing a Lu’s Lips’ piece, has his/her own funny story to tell about the unique way he gets to know more of his clients. I can’t wait to have mine.

Lu’s Lips
Loxodrom Tattoo and Piercing, Berlin (Germany)
Facebook: Loxodrom Tattoo & Piercing