This is how the tattoo artist from Eternal Ink in Beaugency (in Loiret) defines her own personal style. Or “poetic darkness”. We asked her to tell us all about it…

May I call you Morticia Capriciosa – like your Instagram nickname – or simply Loren?
Oh, I am always Loren! (laughs) Mortitia Capriciosa was at the beginning only a pun on my real name and especially a way to protect my personal pages with a pseudonym. But by dint of identifications on professional publications, despite myself, iit ended up becoming artist name, and today I am known abroad by this nickname more than by my original name!

Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France
Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France

When did you realise that tattooing would be your major mission in life?
I have always been attracted to tattooing without knowing how to explain it, because even when I was a little girl I talked about it while no one around me was tattooed and people with tattoos were seen in rather a bad light.

I did my first tattoo in secret when I was 15, and I studied art to become architect to stay close to drawing pencils anyway.

But when at 23 years of age a tattoo artist offered me the chance to apprentice I did not hesitate a second and left my job. I did my first tattoo I was 25 and I have never stopped since.

Did you have mentors or masters along your artistic path?
Ye,s I like a lot of artists, in tattooing obviously, but I rather admit to finding inspirations elsewhere so as not to let my mind be influenced. I like painters, the classics preferably, the paintings of cathedrals or the renaissance ceilings of French castles and Italian palaces; the composition, the colours, the fact that it is art and that often the name of the artist is unknown. As regards well-known painters I obviously have to mention Raphael, but in France I appreciate the classical school of Lebrun and its reform of the colours and lighting in classical painting.

For his madness but the excellence of his achievements I also like the surrealism of Dali and, on another note, the colours of Monet.

Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France
Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France

How would you describe your tattoo style? I guess there are a lot of fantasy elements but also dark subjects, Realistic skills and maybe a little bit of Surrealism too. Would you agree with me?
Absolutely because it ties in with what I just explained about my artistic influences. Colour and darkness, a form of poetry in the dark, a paradox of beauty in the morbid and representations of death. Romantic Gothic. I would say that my work is a kind of “fantasy realism”, or “poetic darkness”. It’s quite particular to define, and to tell the truth, I’ve never found the exact words.

Do you like drawing/tattooing with the trompe l’oeil effect?
Yes, I love the striking representations and the violence of the contrasts, the effects of depth, the great outdoors.

I think tattoos should take the place they need on a body and not feel blocked by a specific area.

The drawing must express itself and give the impression of being able to live autonomously even in close-up shots without seeing where it is located on the body. It’s not a conscious desire to work that way, I do it because each time, there comes a moment when I forget that what I’m doing is tattooing.

Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France
Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France

Are you sure of it?
Yeah, in my head it becomes an artistic piece like a painting and only I can see it. I add a lot of elements or change the lights compared to my basic design when I’m actually working on a piece, because it’s a feeling… and I feel that it is necessary to do it like that!

So I’m not a real realistic tattoo artist, I don’t know how to get stuck in a definite drawing.

But you are a Rammstein fan! I have seen you in a Rammstein t-shirt on Instagram…
Metal fan instead! Yes, I love Rammstein but music in general. I’ve been listening to metal since I was 12 years old and I locked myself in it for a long time, but I’m learning to listen to something else and the more time goes by, the more I listen to classical music as well. I find them very close in composition, intensity and I find the same energy in these two musical styles. I listen to music from my alarm clock when I go to bed. I find the silence weighs on me and my clients enjoy these musical climates too.

Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France
Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France

Am I wrong or do you like travelling the world any time you get the chance? Are these travels always useful for getting inspiration and discovering new ideas for tattoos?
Yes, absolutely! I like travel because it opens my mind to other cultures and mentalities. It’s very inspiring, both physically when I can see local arts or landscapes or monuments and as psychically in terms of what I learn from religions, languages, etc.

I use a lot of my own travel photos in my tattoo pieces, sometimes as a main element like monuments or statues.

Sometimes just in ornamental parts like the arches of cathedrals or the floral sculptures of temples… My own photos of flowers too! Travelling is always inspiring, but just opening your eyes while walking down the street is inspiring too, there is so much beauty around us that we don’t think about. I think it’s important to move around and meet others to keep the desire to create and progress. Never get embittered!

Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France
Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France

Last question: will you travel around Europe – or the world – in the first half of 2020? Will you attend any major tattoo conventions during the first months of the brand new year?
Yes, I will continue my travels in Europe and I’m particularly looking forward to February for the beautiful and famous Milano Tattoo Convention! So far I have planned my first six months of the year. Passing through Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria with the Sofia convention, Belgium for the second Brussels convention, and a trip through Canada for Toronto in June. I can’t wait to experience it all and to visit the cities in question! There’s a lot of inspiration in perspective and, as always, great encounters… (smiles)

Loren, Eternal-Ink, Beaugency, France

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