Tattoo is art. Tattooists are artisans and artists who express themselves through ink on skin as well as brushes on canvas, paper, pencils and colours. And that’s not all: the contaminations of tattoo with street art, urban art, photography, comics and all the other languages of culture and art have yielded fascinating and excellent results over the years. Which is why at the London Tattoo Convention ample space is always devoted to exhibitions.

A sneak preview for you of some of the work you will be able to admire at the Tobacco Dock:

We are proud to present for the first time anywhere some pieces from the exhibition Korouten V by the master Horiyoshi III with Jess Jen, which will be inaugurated on 18th October next in Tokyo:

In the Japanese Gallery you can admire a captivating collection of traditional woodblock prints. Featuring work by Kuniyoshi amongst others, these works offer an insight into Japanese tattoo culture through the ages.

The Kintaro Kite Project features 35 of the world’s most prolific tattoo artists specialising in the Japanese style who have been invited to unleash their unique creativity and vision on the canvas of a traditional Japanese kite.

The Art of Cam Rackam will be in the new Exhibtion area on the Quayside at Tattoo Back Dock: Cam Rackam is not a tattooist; he’s an artist who chose this path because he wanted to dedicate himself entirely to his inspiration and creativity. And to the concept of sex and death, which are magnificently conveyed in his skulls.

Overlap is a project with its origins in an idea of Fabio Gargiulo‘s, an Italian Tattoo artist. The purpose of this project is to create a fusion in a single work of art by different tattooists, each one with his own personality and style. The final result is a life-size human figure, divided into 5 sections (arms, legs and torso) each done by different artists. For the first time in London the 23 art works will be shown to the public at the International London Tattoo Convention, Tobacco Dock in the new exhibition area on Quayside, 22nd-24th September 2017.

Don’t miss the Blacktop Tattooing exhibition, the Raking Light Projects, the Art of Matthew James, Graham Humphreys, Christopher Lovell, Chris Guest and Matthew James, the Imperial Tattoo Army exhibition, the Flood Gallery, the Art of Liam Brazier and the Art of Godmachine… and much, much more. Keep up with the news and find out more on!