Lovely and clean tattoos for fauna and flora lovers

Her tattoos are traditional, in a very pretty and unique way. Her colour palette is perfect, from the classic and solid black or red to that rich golden yellow. She often tattoos a heart shaped background and then adds nature themed subjects, such as birds, butterflies, plants and also cute objects.

Who am I talking about? Leonie New, of course! A talented and artsy tattooist from Melbourne, Australia. If I had to describe the feelings coming from her tattoos, I would definitely say they recall me some vintage imagery.

Leonie New tattoos are just like little treasures, as if they were coming from that old treasure chest hidden at your granny’s mysterious place. A whole brilliant world of images inspired by books of natural history and botanical stuff that blow your mind.

She also draws seashells, fishes, exotical flowers and many other subjects. In all of them, her style emerges very clearly. Be prepared, if you don’t live in Australia you will have to fly for a few hours in order to reach Chapel Tattoo, Melbourne. Personally, I would totally be ready and go for this combo: black heart, ornamental flowers and a shell! And you?

In the meantime we can admire her latest works on Instagram.