Find out more about this wonderful French/Canadian model in love with tattoos and her daddy’s “sink or swim” philosophy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mademoiselle Bedard…

When did you first fall in love with tattoo art?
Well, I remember I was 16 years old. My big brother started getting some ink and I was so fascinated…

Laurence Bedard, Tattoo Model
Laurence Bedard, Tattoo Model

How do you explain your huge passion for Traditional tattoos?
To be honest I don’t have any particular style of tattoos. I just go with the one that inspires me the most and that will age well.

I think tattoos are a great way to express yourself and I love art. Some people put it in a frame on their wall, I just decided to wear it!

Who did that terrific third eye tiger full back tattoo?
That was Martin Belzile in Montreal. The drawing is taken from Oliver Munden aka Megamunden. I was walking in a tattoo convention and I saw his book. Well, I fell in love with it. Had to get that piece done on me!

Laurence Bedard, Tattoo Model
Laurence Bedard, Tattoo Model

On your stomach you have a “Overcome” lettering and a furious traditional snake tattoo with a couple of skulls beneath it. Is there a hidden meaning behind it?
The “Overcome” is the most meaningful tattoo that I have. It was a bad period in my life. The stomach – aka most painful tattoo ever! – is just because I wanted a piece from Nick King. He’s got serious skills for colours!

On your left arm you have a vintage clock with the hands at 1:35 p.m. Could you tell me what that’s all about?
I was born at 13:35. As simple as that!

Laurence Bedard, Tattoo Model
Laurence Bedard, Tattoo Model

On the lower side of your right arm you have a ‘Sink or Swim’ lettering. In your life I hope you have swum more than you’ve sunk…
That sailboat is for my dad. We used to go for complete day on his sailboat listening to old classic rock. Just enjoying the view together and relaxing. The “Sink or Swim” is what reminds me of him. I watched him struggle, fail and immediately get back up to finally succeed. He is my greatest inspiration.

Laurence Bedard, Tattoo Model
Laurence Bedard, Tattoo Model

Who are your favourite tattoo artists that you’ve come across so far?
Alex Deschenes working at “Imperial Tattoo Connection” – he did my most beautiful ink. Luka Lajoie working at the “Art Corporation” in Montreal. Juncha working at “Monarch Studio” in Los Angeles and, last but not least, Anrijs Straume working at “Bold as Brass Tattoo Company” in the United Kingdom.

Have you any wise French saying for Tattoo Life readers?
Swing la bacaisse dans l’fond de la boîte à bois! It’s an old Québec expression that basically means just kick up your heels and have a good time.

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