The new book in the series The Great Books on the Art of Tattooing is dedicated to a great Italian tattoo artist: Rudy Fritsch (Original Classic Tattoo, Trieste, Italy). His style has been a source of inspiration for so many people – today just like twenty years ago – who have looked up to him as an example of an artist who never stops creating, a person with an eclectic and unstoppable imagination who has always nourished his creativity and imagination through pure experience and experimentation.

This book has been carefully conceived in every detail, every illustration, page after page. It’s a chance to dive into the artist’s creative world and it is all in there: the power of his drawing, his fascination with the esoteric, and his visions.

The title Lacrime e Sangue (Blood, Sweat, and Tears) is a legendary motto that is used a lot in tattooing. But it also serves as a framework for a path: this book is actually a destination, the conclusion of a project which kept Rudy Fritsch hard at work for five years.

In his introduction to the book, Miki Vialetto describes it «as reflection of Rudy’s art, his ability to have such a broad range of ideas, and his artistic precision – characteristics which few others can boast. It’s a dedication that Rudy – and me, with him – want to make for everyone who still thinks of tattoos as unique and exclusive works of art to wear on their skin, forever.»

Lacrime e Sangue will be presented in a sneak preview during the International London Tattoo Convention this 28/29/30 September 2018… Don’t miss it!

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