Mystical and magical: the essential books in our collection!

The Great Books on the Art of Tattooing is a series from Tattoo Life. For a number of years now we have been offering readers a selection of prestigious books dedicated to the art of tattoo, exquisite projects with the finest attention to detail, the product of collaboration with the greatest tattoo artists in the world.

The series includes much sought after limited editions with designs, flash, illustrations and sketches published here for the first time and dedicated to tattoo lovers and professionals alike.

Some of these volumes focus on tattoos with mystical, esoteric symbols, some making reference to the traditional symbology of Oriental art, among other styles.

Artists of the calibre of Filip Leu, Jondix, Thomas Hooper, Tas and Rinzing have worked on projects commissioned by Tattoo Life in order to provide fresh interpretations of classic tattoo iconogrphy.

If you are curious to find out more about this enchanting world of symbols and signs, we invite you to discover The Essential Volumes on Mystical and Magical Tattoos in the series The Great Books on the Art of Tattooing.

Shakti-7 by Jondix

This 120-sheet collection compiles the outlines of Tibetan, Hindu and Thai illustrations created specially by Jondix for this publishing project. The classic illustrations drawn from these cultures are respectfully reinterpreted with devotion by one of contemporary tattoo art’s greatest interpreters of the Oriental style. VIEW MORE >

Inward: The Art of Thomas Hooper

This unique book is a stunning collection of 120 flash and paintings and as many textures produced by Thomas Hooper, inspired by nature, cosmology and oriental religions, popular symbols and imagery, but also geometric and mathematical patterns. VIEW MORE >

1000 Oriental Designs Volume II

This book explores the elusive world of traditional Asian tattoo. Three of the finest European representatives of the genre pay tribute to this age-old tradition. Works by: Tas, Jondix, and Rinzing. VIEW MORE >

Skulls by Filip Leu

This book contains over 300 unique ink-drawn sketches and tattoo designs by the Swiss master tattoo artist Filip Leu. With extraordinary drawings of Tibetan and Asian skulls, and much more. VIEW MORE >

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