Joline Miez: Neo Traditional Elegance

Joline Miez is a perfect representation of the European neo traditional school, where strong and detailed subjects are balanced with a sort of preraphaelite elegance, fine linework and a melancholic mood.

Hi Joline, how would you introduce your art?
I think my work do that in a better way than I could ever do with words.

What does inspires you?
Everything that surrounds me, and looking at tattoos, paintings and illustrations from my favorite artists.

How do you feel about the tattoo culture going more popular every day?
That has a good and a bad side. I think it’s something that everything cool will eventually go through. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t weird for me to see tattoos used by cheap companies for their ads. But the reasons why I like tattooing and tattoos will not be influenced from it.

Any less known tattoo artist we should follow?
You should follow Isaac Fainkujen!

Suggest us a band, a movie, a book, or a painter, whatever you want.
At the moment I’ listening to 16 Horsepower.

Describe your creative process, from client/your idea to final design/tattoo.
First I have to know about what the customer wants, and about the placement. Then we meet, and we can discuss what’s behind their idea so I can visualize it, and see what is possible to do and what’s not. Then we book an appointment. You’ll see the rest when you’ll get tattooed from me.

Joline Miez, Red Chapel Tattoo, Berlin
JolineMiez-Red Chapel Tattoo-Berlin-Germany (6)

What do you look for in a tattoo artist, as a client and collector?
They should be nice people, someone who is more focused in making nice tattoos than earning money or being famous.

How did you get into tattooing?
In the 80s my father had a passion for hardcover pictures and comics. He also liked to draw tattoo designs. I was fascinated by gloomy illustrations and I always wanted to learn to create something similar. Once I was there as my father got a tattoo. The tattooer was his friend. This guy and what he was doing impressed me a lot… So i started to like tattooing and tattoos… And as i got my first big tattoo, I got to know my teacher Björn Liebner.

Is there any subject you never had the chance to tattoo but you would love to?
Yes, soon i will upload some new flash sets!

Joline Miez
Red Chapel Tattoo, Berlin
IG: @jolinemiez