Girl Power Tattoos: Jessica O. is killing it with her tattooed ladies

Jessica O. is a talented lady from Brazil, whose passion goes beyond art itself. Her tattoos speak up for some of the most important values and movements in the world. Girl power, respect and self love are valid concepts that now live on her clients skin through tattoos. Her traditional and pretty rad style show ladies under a more realistic light, so if you are tired of how society wants to objectify the women, you should totally go for one of her tattoos!

What’s it like being a tattoo artist in Brazil?
It’s good and bad at the same time. It’s good that there’s so many talented people here, and I love being a part of the traditional tattoo scene here, but the bad part is that we don’t have access to all the great materials that we could have somewhere else. In fact, Brazil has strict laws with foreign inks and needles and this kind of things. Other than that, I can’t complain!

Tattoo by Jessica O., Tattoo Life interview
Tattoo by Jessica O

How and when did you start drawing and painting?
I’ve been drawing my whole life, I can’t even remember when I started. I began to paint before I started my apprenticeship in the shop, I feel hopelessly in love with watercolors and learned on my own. Drawing is my life.

Who are your average customers?
I tattoo more women than men and usually my customers are people that identify very well with my work, or people involved with veganism, feminism, hardcore. But I tattoo a lot of different people, I have a regular client and she is 55 years old! I love being able to meet so many amazing people though my work.

I love the ladies you tattoo and the messages behind some of them. Girl power, fight for your right, and more political meanings. Do you think tattoos can nowadays vehiculate the thoughts of the youngest people, through social media and stuff?
I think tattoos are a very unique and strong way of expressing yourself. Nowadays is more common for people to tattoo their beliefs, I think it’s awesome that women are tattooing riot girls and feminist symbols on themselves.

It’s also awesome to see how many great and talented women are tattooing this days.

Society often objectifies women, men, people. Maybe tattoos can donate new freedom of expression? What is your opinion?
Tattoos are a way of rebelling against the system that oppressess you. I love being the weird tattooed girl and everything society does not want me to be, I think tattoos are one of the ways to make you learn to love yourself for who you really are, to adorn the body that was given to you instead of hating it all your life. Women are often objectified by men on tattoos, big boobs, small waist, big ass, big lips, small noses, all the hair. I absolutely hate that, that’s why I try to make my ladies as real as possible, and nudes that are not supposed to be sexy.

Tattoo by Jessica O., Tattoo Life interview
Tattoo by Jessica O

What would you love to tattoo and what you would never want to tattoo?
I love tattooing my drawings in general, especially mermaids and ladies, but I also like to make flowers, writings, and some things out of my comfort zone, like mehendi, hindu goddesses.
I would never want to make sexist tattoos and hate symbols. I also don’t like to make lovers names on people.

Who/What do you get inspired by?
I take inspiration from the old times, my favorites of all are Dietzel, Bob Wick, Bert Grimm, Percy Waters. These days I am obssessed with Rafa Decraneo’s work, I absolutely love everything about his style. I also have a lot of ladies that I hope to get tattooed by, but there are too many on the list!

Tattoo by Jessica O., Tattoo Life interview
Tattoo by Jessica O

Do you have any favourite playlist to listen to when you work?
I listen to a loooooot of things when I tattoo, but my painting songs are all Alcoa, Gaslight Anthem and Chuck Ragan.

Share with us your next tattoo plans and guest spots…
I plan to make a bigcartel store to sell t-shirts, prints and goodies soon! Next year I’ll make an Euro Adventure, but until then I’m here making guest spots in the south and southeast of Brazil!

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