One of the most photographed tattoo models in the world talks with us about her present and future projects. Starting from the month she rules…

Let’s continue our interviews cycle with all the twelve gorgeous, tattooed alt-model that embellish the official 2018 Tattoo Life calendar. This time we chat with Jesse Lee D, the New York City goddess whom some years go was the protagonist of another well-known calendar made in Tattoo Life universe…

Jesse Lee D, photo by Janka Marcin
Jesse Lee D, photo by Janka Marcin

How do you think about your February shooting? You are very sensual in that picture, like it was shot on a sort of analyst couch…
I always love shooting with your photographer Christian Saint. We’ve worked together a lot and have created some of my most epic photos, in my humble opinion. In this photo, I am in a lush and mysterious room, on a couch, feeling sensual and “analyzed” by the viewers eyes.

What do you remember about the 2011 Tattoo Life Official Calendar? That was totally focused on you…
That was one of the greatest moments of my life. Everybody (Christian Saint, the wardrobe woman, the hair stylist and me) worked so hard to create different and gorgeous photos for all the months of the year which we shot in one day! I am so proud of that memorable featuring. Not to mention, humbled and honoured to have been asked to do it and… it sold out! (laughs) It was a lot of work, which I don’t think people realize, but worth every moment.

How does it feel to be one of the most photographed tattooed model of the planet?
It’s an absolute honour and a badge I wear proudly. I feel like I was at the forefront of the current surge of “tattooed models” and I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to everyone being a “model”. It used to be that you possessed something a bit special on top of having great tattoos. Now it seems that anyone with an Instagram account and a few tattoos is a “model”. No way. Sorry, but this is my strong opinion and I stand for it…

Have you worked in the music business lately after that Hinder experience (artwork for their ‘All American Nightmare’ album and video-shooting of the titletrack)?
I did a few smaller music videos but nothing as epic as the Hinder one. However, I’d love to do another music video, it’s taking photography to the next level (moving image and music). I like anything dark and connected to dance, it doesn’t matter the band/artist.

Jesse Lee D, photo by Janka Marcin
Jesse Lee D, photo by Janka Marcin

Your huge tattoos collection include contributes by such great artists like: Jason Kundell, Shinji Horizakura, Troy Denning, Timothy Hoyer, Andre Malcolm, Marco Serio, Regino Gonzales and Julie Becker. Did we miss someone in this astonishing list?
Well, I’m getting tattooed by Chris Garver in a few days and I can’t wait!

Your natural beauty and the richness of your tattoos go hand in hand in a perfect partnership. Is this the Jesse Lee D secret? The right balance, maybe?
I do think a confident, natural and effortless approach to beauty and sex appeal is most attractive to me, so if I’m able to convey that then I’m happy.

Last question: tell us in advance your most important project you put in agenda for these first months of 2018…
A new tattoo, two new adopted dogs, and I’m hoping to return to Bali for the fourth time! Oh, and being a part (once again) of the Tattoo Life calendar… (smiles)

Instagram: @jesseleenyc