We have met the Five Finger Death Punch tattooed drummer just minutes before their last Italian show. And we talked about ink and new album, of course

The dressing room is tight, time is short but the desire to speak is so much. The Las Vegas based alternative metal band Five Finger Death Punch is in the middle of another European tour and, gig after gig, kills the time waiting its brand new album (still untitled) to be published.

I hold my hand with Jeremy Spencer, born 1973 and from 2005 the driving force behind drum-kit for these modern metal titans, and we are ready to start. Jeremy is a very good talking guy and this is his close point of view about tattoos and other fancy things.

Jeremy Spencer for Tattoo Life
Jeremy Spencer for Tattoo Life

When did you find out tattoo art at all? Did it happen during your youth in Indiana or when you moved out to Las Vegas?
«Everything started in Indiana when I was sixteen. I tattooed myself with a little piece inspired by the cartoons world. Tommy Lee by Mötley Crüe had his Mickey Mouse tattoo, so I wanted mine… Kind of! (laughs)»

Do you feel yourself serious, strict and hardcore when you choose tattoos?
«Nah, I’m not that sophisticated kind of guy. If a see a good zombie tattoo, I print it on my skin! At least I try to balance with all the different styles, that’s for sure.»

I see that you wear on you a lot of Oni masks…
«That because of Ozzy Osbourne! Once I noticed that him had a Oni mask on his chest and that was the main reason. No religious or spiritual matters, man.»

Jeremy Spencer via MetalWaniTV
Jeremy Spencer via MetalWaniTV

On your chest there is a tribute to Five Finger Death Punch instead…
«Yeah, that is a detail taken by our first 2007 EP ‘Preemptive Strike’. I did later, around 2009, and on my back I have another 5FDP tattoo taken by a graphic design that we created once for a band t-shirt.»

With your first band (Cornucopia Of Death) you opened a Indianapolis Pantera show in early Nineties. Would you like having one day a memorial tattoo dedicated to the Dimebag Darrell soul?
«Yeah, it could be a very cool idea and one day it could be happen for real! I remember very well that particular concert: it was during the ‘Cowboys From Hell’ tour. Awesome!»

Do you have a favourite tattoo artist at all?
«Absolutely! His name is Rick Trip and he works at Trip Ink Tattoo Company in Las Vegas (Nevada). He did almost my entire body work and he’s a great guy and an astonishing artist.»

Five Finger Death Punch via www.metallized.it
Five Finger Death Punch via www.metallized.it

Have you ever notice a 5FDP particularly sexy on the body of one of your many female fans?
«Once I saw a portrait of mine made by a Swedish girl that I would like to thank through your blog/magazine. It was incredibly realistic! Maybe not sexy at all, but very well done and respectful. I’m grateful for it.»

Last question: when will it be released the new Five Finger Death Punch album? I know there have been some legal troubles in the meantime.
«Yeah, the album is finished, totally recorded and mixed, and it is strong as hell! I hope we can publish soon, maybe during 2017 fall or a little bit later, fingers crossed for it! You know, we moved from a record company to another and this is the main cause about the delay. I can’t talk about it but I’m confident that the sequel of ‘Got Your Six’ can finally see the light of the day.»