Ives Irie started MC’ing in 1987 in the Los Angeles ‘backyard scene’, battling the best MC’s around.

Delinquent Habits came about in 1991 – involving OG Styles and DJ Trixx, still rocking backyard parties and shows, even opening for Cypress Hill. In late ’91 Kemo was brought into the group by Ives, having met by coincidence at their local gym.

Soon after, DH was signed to a production deal by Sen Dog.

Over the years there were lots of ups and downs, but ultimately Ives Irie came upon a talented young DJ INVINCIBLE (Severin Gygax), who would ultimately help in the production of their newest album « It Could Be Round Two », right in time for Kemo the Blaxican to come back around from his hiatus from DH after going solo for 10 years while Ives kept the Delinquent dream alive.

Ives Irie, photo by Reda Photography
Ives Irie, photo by Reda Photography

Now, back together and better than ever, DH is touring worldwide (once again). On the other hand, Ives started apprenticing as a tattoo artist while on tour in 1998 with world class tattoo artists from different countries, developing his many styles and deep attention to the fine arts side of tattooing.

He wanted another outlet for his creativity for his downtime from music that would still allow him to make people happy and positively influence those around him.

Now a lot of his clients see their beautiful permanent art pieces as a form of therapy!

He dabbles in every style, from neotraditional to geometric, graphic to Americana, Ives does it all although black & grey is his preference.