Half-Italian, half-German we talked with the “Dark Neo Traditional” artist who works in Austria at ‘Sacramela Tattoo’. Read this fascinating interview!

Still quite “new” in the tattoo world, with a definite flair for doing her pieceson someone else’s skin and beautiful as hell. Isabella Chiara Filouino, known to all as Filouino is who we’re talking about here, and this is her story of passion, dreams come true and a the artistic touch of a true pro.

Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria
Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria

You started tattooing in 2016 and there’s no denying you’ve developed some serious talent. What were you working at before and when did you discover that there was a tattoo artist deep inside you?
That’s right! I started tattooing in 2016, September 2016, after I visited a couple of tattoo studios. Before, my dream of becoming a tattoo artist started quite late, around end of 2014. I was attending fashion design school in Germany, always dreaming about artistic freedom in my job (I had started drawing by the age of 1 and a half years old!). O soon realised that becoming a fashion designer was not creative enough and I started getting my own first tattoos done at the same time.

I immediately decided to change my goals and take a closer look at the tattoo scene.

Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria
Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria

You use the word “dream” quite a lot…
Yeah, drawing everyday was the biggest dream come true. So I started just drawing all the flashes for a studio for about six months or so. It took me a year and a half before I found the perfect studio for me to start tattooing. Now I am the co-owner of a tattoo studio in Austria (‘Sacramela Tattoo’ in Rankweil, ed.) together with my talented colleague Marichyl Ender.

You have a couple of Italian sounding names (Isabella Chiara). Have you by any chance got any Italian blood in you?
Right. My name is Italian, my mother was born in Florence and wanted to name me after Isabella de’ Medici, a member of a very important family in the history of that city. My father is German and I was lucky enough to be able to learn to learn both languages perfectly.

Have you found a clear definition for your style so far? Looking at your pieces I guess there is a sort of research on faces (female faces, to be precise) as if you are trying to go beyond …
I never searched for a definition in my style. I started drawing faces when I was only a little child. You can incorporate so many things, themes, feelings in just one face. You can ask me to draw anything and I would directly think about putting this information into the head of a lady or a queen.

If I had to give my tattooing style a name I would call it a sort of dark Neo Traditional.

You need a large amount of skin space to create your art. Your bodysuits and full back pieces are truly amazing. What do you think about little pieces? Do you feel “limited” when you work on small tattoos?
First of all thank you so mucht! You’re right, I love creating very large tattoos. (smiles) I’m obsessed with details, and huge line works so tattooing a back is like putting a kid in a toy store. I also adore smaller works too. I can concentrate much more on every single line, shading and details. So I would say a good combination of both is perfect for me!

Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria
Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria

Do you know Baroness, the Georgia sludge metal band? I think there is a connection between their gorgeous album artworks and your drawings….
I have to admit, I had never heard of this band before.

By taking a closer look at their beautiful album covers I can see some parts inspired by the great artist from the early Alphonse Mucha, I think he is a common threadbetween a lot of artist all around the world.

Are you inspired by any particular music/musician in general when you do your thing?
Yes, I have some inspiring titles in my list while I’m drawing or tattooing. Most of them are from the German musicians Moderat and Burial, some kind of deep minimal music. I also love a lot of tracks by Rey & Kjavik. Sometimes I need more folklore influences like traditional Indian prayers, Arabic music and Hispanic sounds. All in all, I’m open to any kind of music.

Weird question: is it more sensual tattooing a female body or a male one?
Hahaha, yes, it’s a weird question, and I don’t know exactly what to answer. I think both can be sort of sensual. At the end of the day, I haven’t had a lot of male bodies to tattoo and I love the female shape, so…

Maybe I would say the female. As it’s my own gender and there’s more trust with my client.

What kind of year will 2019 be for you? Do you have international conventions already booked or are you going to stay in Austria for the next few months?
2019 is going to be super exciting for me since I’m still quite “new” in the tattoo world and I got a few Europe-international guest spots and conventions. For now I’ve got plans for 3 guest spots in Germany, one in Birmingham and one in Ireland. I will visit the Milano Tattoo Convention and I’m looking forward to Krakow, Dortmund, Brussels and some more German ones. I’m looking forward to visiting the great London Convention as a visitor this year.

Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria
Filouino, Sacramela Tattoo, Rankweil, Austria

Last question: is it better tattooing or posing as an alt model?
It’s better by far tattooing! Posing in front of the camera is fun, yes, and I would still do it maybe twice a year, but its not my main “thing” any more and I would say it never was. Of course I’m always open to nice projects or to working together with great photographers but I’ve found my true passion in tattooing.

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