A marvellous collection to celebrate the art of Thomas Hooper: over 100 plates and as many textures by one of the greatest artists of recent years.

A selection of paintings and drawings inspired by nature, cosmology, the webs woven by the unconscious, religious imagery from the Orient, mixed with his celebrated geometric patterns and exquisite realistic studies of the human body and animals.

The title of this volume, Inward, refers to the ongoing travels of the artist in his inner world in the search for answers and new questions.

These plates are an exploration of all that has fascinated this artist over the years: from the crow – a classic subject of Traditional tattoo which over time has become a recurring theme in his designs – to the human body, and mysterious scenes featuring planets and constellations and hypnotic dots and lines.

Through his research into abstraction of imagery Thomas Hooper produces a unique catalogue of true contemporary works of art.

Inward is a fundamental resource for artists and lovers of geometric and avant garde tattoo, but also for graphic artists and designers looking for fresh inspiration.

– Over 100 plates and as many patterns and textures;
– For lovers of art, graphic design, geometric tattoo and all its most artistic interpretations.

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