Felix Seele, aka young hearted tattoo, is the owner of Der Grimm Tattoo in Berlin (Germany), which opened in 2017.

Felix started tattooing about 6 years ago and this form of art has become his life.

He’s very well-known for letterings and mandalas and he describes his style with these words: «Flow, blackwork, a mix of techniques and different styles all in one». He also loves to play with the body and break the rules by using lots of black.

Felix Seele, Der Grimm Tattoo, Berlin, Germany
Felix Seele, Der Grimm Tattoo, Berlin, Germany

Take a look at this gallery and follow Der Grimm Tattoo If you’re looking for a tattoo shop that not only produces extremely excellent pieces in every style but also offers a family-style ambience where you can share your passion for tattooing, this is the place for you.

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