We had a chat with Eddie Berg, frontman and violinist of this intriguing Swedish metalcore/alternative band. A true Black & Gray connoisseur!

Hi Eddie, do you remember your first experience in a tattoo studio?
My first one was an attempt to get an eye in the palm of my hand, not the best way to initiate your tattoo experience! (laughs) I’ve never done any tattoo as painful as that one. It was excruciating and most of the ink didn’t stick anyway, so I just left it at that.

Imminence, Eddie Berg, credit by Victor Bisgaard
Imminence, Eddie Berg, credit by Victor Bisgaard

Do you like Black and Gray tattoo as an aesthetic thing or because are you a moody person?
I like it because of the classic look and I also love the way they fade when you get older.

You have a bunch of flowers (cherry blossoms) on your chest and the ‘Turn The Light On’ artwork is focused on floral subjects too…
When you look at it that way, I think you can find some similarities on my body to our album artwork, but it was never made with the intention of making a correlation and the flowers came much earlier than the new record.

So I got that wrong. Sorry about that.
No, I like that observation and will definitely take it with me.

It’s a lovely thought that the tattoos can also be connected to our music and acquire a dual meaning.

On your right arm you have a weird tattoo subject – three circles with a sort of six point star inside them. Can you explain it?
The circle is an old protection symbol with different names for God, supposed to ward off demons.

I don’t consider myself religious, but I have always been drawn towards the spiritual.

Do you like the Swedish tattoo scene?
I would say I’m not involved at all in the Swedish tattoo scene, but there are a lot of amazing artists emerging I think, especially in terms of Old School and black work.

Imminence, Eddie Berg, black and white
Imminence, Eddie Berg, black and white

Who is behind most of the tattoos that you have on your body?
I would say I came up with all the ideas and subjects, but they were executed by a number of different people. Most of my tattoos, and the latest, are made by the very talented Simon Gyllström.

Try to describe the musical evolution that Imminence completed with the release of ‘Turn The Light On’.
I really feel like we hit home with all the songs on this record. We were striving for an album that shows what Imminence is all about, and I feel really proud and happy that we managed to accomplish just that.

It’s heavier, darker, more diverse and more personal than anything we’ve ever done before.

‘Turn The Light On’, the brand new Imminence album, is out now on Arising Empire.

Imminence, cover Album
Imminence, cover Album