Last Halloween night she wore an amazing Domino cosplay dress up. This year she is simply excited to be featured on a certain tattooed calendar…

Going on with our interviews dedicated to all the twelve gorgeous, tattooed alt-model that embellish the official 2018 Tattoo Life calendar.

This time it’s the turn of talking with Heidi Lavon, born in Arizona, raised in Alaska, and then on to Oregon. There is plenty of America in Heidi’s life, and just as much passion for all that is ink on skin. Let’s get to know her better, through anecdotes and exclusive revelations about the November shooting.

Heidi Lavon photographed by Christian Saint for Tattoo Life Calendar 2018
Heidi Lavon photographed by Christian Saint for Tattoo Life Calendar 2018

Proud to be on
Yeah, I’m really proud to be the November calendar girl as it fits my personality, my lifestyle, and my upbringing!

In the shooting your green hair is literally flying in the air. Who came with that idea?
Well, I had been dying to shoot with Christian Saint for some years. He is one of my absolute favourite photographers. His attention to detail is impeccable and he literally is not capable of taking a bad picture. With all of this in mind, I knew that when I was finally able to have my chance to work with him, that I wanted to really “bring it”! I tried every trick in the book besides doing the splits of course because I’m not flexible… (smiles)

Give me some behind the scenes about that shooting.
My now fiancé and I were staying in an unbelievably amazing boutique ‘Paper Factory’ hotel and our room had a few cool little pieces including a nice open wall space with a lamp desk. Me and Christian started working off the wall and I had that desk in mind when I saw it. It was my chance to try and impress him or at least show him I knew what the hell I was doing. So I must have swung my hair back and forth 10+ times until we got “the shot”. It was definitely worth it!

I guess you gained a sort of sensuality in that “shot”. What’s your opinion?
If you mean I was “sensual” in my photo-shoot or asked me I was meant to be sensual in my photo shoot, my answer would be yes, of course. How can you not ooze sultry during a very naked and implied photo-shoot in an amazing location with an amazing team? I say yes to all the sensuality!

Are you inspired by November month or Fall feeling overall?
Sure. I grew up in a very small town in Alaska where it’s cold all the time! I actually prefer the cold over hot weather. I like the idea of layering clothing, sipping hot cider, wearing beanies, so on and so forth. Fall and the holiday season is very awesome in Alaska too where there’s so much snow.

Its like a winter wonderland with ice sculptures and everyone has a fireplace going.

Will you be tattooed again in the next future?
This question is asked a lot, and my answer is always the same one: I hope not! (laughs)

As a seasoned tattoo collector, it’s safe to say the older I get the less and less I want to get tattooed. I do know that I’d like to have my entire back done though. I’m only about halfway there. It’s such a sensitive area! I do admit that in my recent years I’ve started to use a tattoo anaesthetic as it helps allow me to sit longer and not piss my artist off.

Heidi Lavon and James Ramsey
Heidi Lavon and James Ramsey

How will you spend Halloween night? I asked you because you have a lovely Chucky/Child’s Play horror portrait on your left thigh…
Oh man, last year I didn’t go out, but I did have a very epic cosplay photo shoot where I dressed up as Domino, and my partner dressed as Cable from Deadpool. I spent like three months making his bionic construct of an arm out of Eva foam and various items. I was and still am very proud of that crafty piece, and the photos turned out super rad.

And about this year?
I feel like I want to do the same exact thing but obviously a different cosplay. I live out in the country on 13 acres so it’s very peaceful and awesome and the last thing I want to do go out late just to get tired early and regret leaving my cozy house. Maybe I’ll just have an at home Halloween get together. (smiles)

Photos by James Ramsey, Tim Vanbergen, Myrtle & Moss Photography

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