This volume – Han’nya Brigade – brings together plates by 200 international artists who have each given their own personal reinterpretation of the famous Japanese Han’nya mask.

The undisputed focus of the book, the Han’nya is an important symbol of Noh theatre and an icon of Japanese tradition.

The book is a source of inspiration for lovers of Oriental tattoo and more contemporary interpretations of subjects with their roots in ancient tradition.

Han’nya Brigade is the first volume in THE GOLDEN FLASH COLLECTION, a new publishing venture which aims to explore and discover themes and artists which have made their mark on the tattoo scene.

With pieces by: Filip Leu, Dalmiro, Ching, Stizzo, Joao Bosco, Vlady, Horichiro, Morg, Matt Collins, Chris Crooks, Otto D’Ambra, Federico Ferroni, Andrea Pallocchini, Stilian Smokov, Rico, Horiei Shinshu, Rinzing, Alix Ge, Tomo and many more…

– For those who love contemporary interpretations of traditional Japanese iconography;
– For lovers of Japanese tattoo.

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