Hi friends, Strange days are these, unexpected and unsure, troubled by doubts and uncertainty for all. We miss the bland daily routine we’ve been used to, we’re having to make it all up as we go along and we have no idea, here in Italy at least, how long this emergency will go on.

The tattoo scene is made up of contacts, exchanges and relations between people. And now some are looking at a standby situation, a wait, a reset which in a certain sense goes against the profession of tattooist and the passion of tattoo collectors.

The magic of tattoo has always been connected to that subtle exchange of energy between tattooist and tattooed. But right now, this involves a level of contact is too direct given that matter which we now need to keep a check on more than any other thing: the human body. Now many of us are asked to stop for the moment. But that does not mean that the tattoo scene has to come to a grinding halt, because tattoo, as art, is made up of thoughts and creativity which above all is the fruit of the mind.

For this reason I’m going to tell you about what we are up to at Tattoo Life where our daily routine, naturally enough, has changed. There’s been a stop to the coming and going of tattooist friends from every corner of the world, visitors who liven up our day here in the office, as we work away, choosing among new projects and dealing with magazine pages to be changed at the last minute because of the current situation.

But in this strange and rather sinister situation, it gives me pleasure to tell you that each and every one of us at Tattoo Life is rolling up their sleeves and settling down to work on something to offer the tattoo scene even at this particular moment. Research, that’s our key word. The real space around us closes in, but the mind no, the mind opens up wider than ever.

We have chosen to offer you new artistic inspiration, whether you are artists or tattoo lovers, to look at, study and put away, who knows, maybe to use another day. We are adding to our digital library tattooebooks.com with ebooks by great international tattoo artists, which might just give you some new inspiration and lead your work to develop in new and unexpected ways.

On tattoolife.com we publish new articles every day to give you a bird’s eye view of all that’s going on in tattoo with interviews with artists, explanations about icons which have always been associated with the visual language of tattoo, or virtual “meetings” with fascinating new people.

And so, seeing as how many of you have asked my advice about the situation, I would honestly say to just take this moment of crisis, of shutdown, of missed appointments and travel bans, as an opportunity to expand your visual and cultural resources, to do research and maybe study something you never have time to do.

After all, this has always been the great gift and function of art: to offer ideas to get the mind moving, even when the body is forced to go on standby. – Miki