German Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2018-2019
German Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2018-2019

Travelling through Germany, looking for new tattoo artists and inspirations for your next tattoo, has never been so easy: the new German Tattoo Artists Yearbook is finally out now!

This Yearbook can really help you to find the way amongst hundreds of tattoos and styles: Traditional, Neo Traditional, Illustrative, Horror’s classics, Black and Grey, Japanese and much more.

Take a look at this volume dedicated to the art of tattooing in Germany (but also in Austria and German Switzerland): you’ll find amazing portraits of famous and unknown people, of beautiful pets and wild animlas, but also mesmerizing and solid geometrical designs, in addition to lots of unmistakebly Traditional icons such as hearts, eagles, anchors and pin-ups… You’ll get the chance to catch the most popular trends of the year and enjoy different artistic interpratations of the same and most requested subjects ever. You can look straight for the nearest tattoo shop or a specific tattoo artist and also just leaf through the pages and be inspired by lots of beautiful artworks.

We would like to thank every single tattoo artist who believed once again in this editorial project and everyone of you that will get inked, for the first or the umpteenth time. Just leave for a Gran Tour of the German Tattoos!

Take a look at the artists’ gallery: an exclusive gallery of all the tattoo shops you’ll find in the Yearbook.

You can find the Yearbook on the newsstands now or buy it on our online store!