An exquisite collection of drawings, studies, sketches and paintings by the Brazilian tattooist Joao Bosco who presents us with the best of his artwork in order to retrace the genesis of his tattoos.

Joao Bosco reveals the moment of creation – the genesis – of his artwork. Skulls, dragons, skeletons, snakes, crows and chrysanthemums: his collector’s edition is teeming with symbols and creatures evoking a shadowy world which comes to life in the imagination of the artist.

Fresh and spontaneous, sometimes not even finished, these sketches embody the essence of the beauty of tattoo.

They are clues to something which has yet to take shape, a chrysalis which will turn into a lovely butterfly once the artist puts down the tattoo machine and cleans the skin. A singular source of inspiration for lovers of tattoo and the Fantasy style and a unique insight into the work of one of the greatest contemporary tattoo artists.

– Included in the volume, a folder with four gorgeous collector’s prints ready to be framed.

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