Gakkin: Unconventional Japanese Tattoo Artist

To really understand Gakkin’s tattoo world, just take a look at his website and watch the mesmerizing video which sensually twists and turns in front of you. His subtle and serpentine tattoos merge with the body in an almost erotic act, enveloping the flesh as it gives it new life.

After working in Kyoto (Japan) Gakkin is now based in Amsterdam where he keeps working and experimenting with black (and a twist of red) ink. During an interview he told us: “I believe that black is the most important color in tattooing. Every ancient tattooing culture – Maori, Japanese, and Polynesian – considers it as such. It just works better than any other color on the skin.”

Gakkin, Gakkin Tattoo, Kyoto, Japan
Gakkin, Gakkin Tattoo, Kyoto, Japan

His works are inspired by loads of things, but mostly from nature: wind, rain, flowers, the sun, rivers and mountains… To this he also adds inspirations from several ancient Japanese painters. The result is simply extraordinary: a contemporary unexpected and unique interpretation of traditional Japanese tattoo art which is simply fascinating.

His creative energy is overwhelming. He recently works a lot in collaboration with Nissaco on creating new and beautiful artworks on skin. The words are not enough to explain his talent, so please take a look at his Instagram page and at our selection of images. You can also meet him at the London Tattoo Convention next September, so… just book your flight!