The frontman of the Implore (that just released its second album ‘Subjugate’) has a body plenty of amazing tattoos. And we talked deeply about that…

Gabriel “Gabbo” Dubko sings and plays bass guitar for grindcore band Implore. And he owns a terrific collection of ink on his skin too!

It’s difficult to describe the real origin of this extreme metal group because his leader lived a little bit everywhere (Germany, Spain, Argentina, United States etc.) and now, beyond creating explosive music, he’s also a tattoo artist with a inclination for Traditional and Lettering styles.

During a recent interview (that will be published later and fully on Tattoo Energy magazine) we spent some time with him questioning about tattoo art, close friends and some other curios stuff. And this is the outcome.

Gabriel "Gabbo" Dubko, Implore
Gabriel “Gabbo” Dubko, Implore

You aren’t only a tattoo lover, but a tattoo artist too. How did you learn the job?
Well, I started tattooing when I was 20 but it wasn’t until I was 22 that I decided to take this seriously with discipline and dedication. I used to spend a lot of time at my friends tattoo shops in Barcelona and in Buenos Aires every time I visited. I started tattooing my friends and as I was getting more confident and skilled I started tattooing friends of friends and so on.

Which has been your personal milestones?
I did an apprenticeship in Barcelona, then I moved to Los Angeles and a friend of mine got me a job in The Bronx, so I flew to New York and started tattooing there was a good way to learn, then I tattooed on the road till I did my first contact in Germany. I like doing Traditional and Lettering mostly.

Have you tattooed some musician in the underground metal scene so far?
I tattooed friends of mine who are in bands, but nothing like tattooing a superstar on anything close. I tattooed my friends in Letlive, Downfall Of Gaia and Crisix among others.

Gabriel "Gabbo" Dubko, Implore
Gabriel “Gabbo” Dubko, Implore

Who are your favourite tattoo artists met on the road?
Those who tattooed me and we spent a good time during the session, Norm from Will Rise Tattoo – that did my ‘Dedicación’ lettering on my face – was a cool guy (now he works at LoveLetters Tattoo in Los Angeles, edit), Big Sleeps, Maneko, Fernando Esnaola from Lost Souls in Upland CA, all the guys at Good Times & Welldone tattoos in Buenos Aires, Chriss Dettmer from Hamburg, Miguel M13… and the list goes on.

Gabriel "Gabbo" Dubko, Implore
Gabriel “Gabbo” Dubko, Implore

Last question: may you say something more about that mysterious numbers on the artwork of the ‘Subjugate’ album?
I can’t reveal the full meaning but look into the track number 9… (smiles)

Cover CD
Implore Cover CD