Welcome to the new edition of our annual update on the tattoo scene in France!

The yearbook is actually a catalogue: it shows a selection of shops and tattoos on the French scene where you will find a hundred shops in alphabetical order which, for the 2018 edition, have chosen to present themselves in a singular way with the work which best represents them.

It will be a sort of tour of discovery of faces that are well-known – we could even say “institutions” on the scene – as well as emerging talents. You’ll have a chance to admire a previously unpublished and variegated miscellany of tattoos featuring classic icons of Japanese, Traditional, Horror, Lettering, Black and Grey, Ornamental and the increasingly popular Comics and Funny Stuff.

And if you too are collectors of this yearbook, we advise you to go back over the years to see how styles and trends come and go: it will give you a sense of what has changed and what never will! Just like the interest true tattoo lovers have for our Yearbook, a point of reference for pros in the field and for the entire tattoo scene in Europe.

Take a look at the artists’ gallery: an exclusive preview of all the tattoo shops you’ll find in the Yearbook. View >>
You can find the Yearbook on the newsstands now or buy it on our online store!