Freddy Negrete: the Chicano Specialist

It’s time to meet another main character in the history of tattooing. So let’s get to know Mr. Freddy Negrete: one of the fathers of the Chicano style black and gray fineline tattooing.

He began tattooing professionally around 40 years ago at a very early age, in South California. He worked alongside Jack Rudy (another legend in the tattoo world, who invented the single needle for professional tattoo machines) at Good Time Charlie’s (in East L.A.).

He brought Chicano style from the streets to the shops and became the first Chicano tattooer in East L.A. Over the last four decades, Negrete has watched the style he brought to the masses growing into one of the most common and wanted looks in the world.

He never stopped evolving and still is one of the black and grey master in the whole tattoo world.

Take a look at our selection of tattoos and see yourself how beautiful and detailed they are.

Freddy has also worked on feature films (Tattoo Nation, among others) and has been consulted on a lot of projects about tattoo culture.

Now you can find him at the Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood.

Don’t miss his Instagram page: @freddy_negrete