We met the owner of Never Too Late Tattoos in Weida, a small town in Thuringia. And we had a friendly chat with him about how he discovered that he had such a flair for Realism.

Hi Frank, you’ve had your own studio – Never Too Late Tattoos – since 2007. Can you tell us basically what you have learned in this business during these first thirteen years of an entrepreneurial career?
My wife and I opened Never Too Late Tattoos in 2007 and with it we fulfilled a great dream. I’ve learned that discipline and constant work on yourself is immensely important. But also I’ve mastered how to create role models.

How did you realise that you were such a talented Realistic tattoo artist?
Originally I wanted to be a Traditional tattoo artist, because I also have a very great interest in the history of tattooing, as well as great respect for pioneers like Herbert Hoffmann, Sailor Jerry and Don Ed Hardy.

Did you get there step by step, experimenting with other tattooing styles, or has doing portraits always been your main objective?
After two years I started to be more interested in Realistic motifs. At first mainly for the Chicano style. When I discovered that some great tattoo artists from USA, but especially from Eastern Bloc countries such as Russia, Poland and the Ukraine, were creating incredibly Realistic portraits and in colour too, I started doing my stuff in colour. That was the beginning of my Realistic career.

Frank Schmidt, Never Too Late Tattooo, Weida, Germany
Frank Schmidt, Never Too Late Tattooo, Weida, Germany

I noticed in your portfolio that you’ve got a Carlo Pedersoli (aka Bud Spencer) Realistic tattoo. Have you ever figured out why Bud is more loved in Germany than in his native Italy?
Both Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, enjoyed a high status in Germany. Of course, the two of them are also some of the great heroes of my childhood and youth.

I think Bud Spencer is one of the most popular tattoos subject in Germany.

I didn’t even know that he’s not as popular in Italy.

We usually ask tattoo artists about the tattoos they create, but you have a huge stunning one that decorates your head. So who did it for you and what does it represent?
My head tattoo is a cover up. I have a great passion for skulls and human bones in general. This is not only reflected in the decoration of my studio, but also in my pictures and tattoos. It was done by my friend Marcel, from whom I learned almost everything I know today about Realistic tattooing

Frank Schmidt, Never Too Late Tattooo, Weida, Germany
Frank Schmidt, Never Too Late Tattooo, Weida, Germany

Last question: does tattooing in a small town like Weida – home of “Never Too Late Tattoos” – make you miss the lure of the great German and international tattoo conventions?
Occasionally I can be found at larger conventions like Berlin or Frankfurt. So far, I’ve been to conventions abroad in Amsterdam, Warsaw and Prague. Of course, I would also be very happy to attend the great conventions like Milan or London.

Frank Schmidt, Never Too Late Tattooo, Weida, Germany

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