The secrets of balancing being a tattooed mom and model (momdel), while keeping your body looking insane.

Esther Hanuka aka Queen Esther is by far one of the most amazing tattooed models and mothers I know. Esther is the mother of 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, and yes her incredible body had all 5 of them. Esther loves kids and she even wants one more.

She is Guatemalan and Israeli and originally from Miami but resides in California. Esther has been modeling since 1998. She started out doing music videos for such artists as Tribe Called Quest, Ice Cube, Genuwine and Master P. Then she took a break and got married, had kids, and couldn’t believe after having all of her kids she still looked amazing. She did a photoshoot for fun and it ended up on two covers of magazine, so she decided to start modeling again as her full time job. Now Esther has been on numerous tattoo magazine covers and car magazines and currently has a few things in the works.

Esther Hanuka | Tattoo Life

Modeling is her calling and she is gonna ride the wave till it stops.

With having kids of my own I know how hard it is, so I asked Esther what her secret is to balancing her life as a mom and a model. She said, “I don’t know lol. I’ve just always been blessed with amazing kids, and they have always been so supportive. I’ve had a great support system and my kids have never been too needy. They are very independent and like doing things for themselves, so it helps me so much. They always tell me mom go out, you need it. Just to be honest, I never know how I do it and find time to work, be a mother and have me time. I’m just thankful for it all, it’s what keeps me sane.”

Esther Hanuka | Tattoo Life

Even though Esther eats pizza her body is perfect! So, I asked her what is your workout routine or are you just blessed with a perfect body? “I just cut my carbs out a majority of the month to help with weight gain from being on the road so much, and I drink lots of water. When I need to really lose weight, like 10 pounds or so in 2 weeks, I cut my carbs to 30 grams a day and I don’t drink anything but water. I also do a little cardio for 20 mins each day and that’s it, and 10 pounds are gone like that. It’s hard to maintain especially the older you get, but if you really stick to it, it works and you will see results.”

Esther is an inspiration and proof that just because you’re a mom your dreams don’t have to stop and your life is not over.

To see more of Esther you can find her here:
Instagram: @estherhanuka
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