Videogames, reading, cosplaying, yoga: this beautiful model from Ohio is not just a tattoo queen but a girl who knows her mind, with a lot of things to say. Get to know her better through our interview here and discover more about the things she loves.

Hi Erica, welcome to the Tattoo Life blog. Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hello! My name is Erica Fett, I’m a short little tattooed nerd from Columbus, Ohio.

When did you start modelling and how did your career get off the ground?
I started in 2009 after modeling for Suicidegirls and it’s just been going every since…

Let’s talk about tattoos: when did your love affair with skin art begin?
I got my first tattoo the day I turned 18!

Which tattoos mean the most to you? Are you planning on getting any new ones?
I would say all of my tattoos have some sort of sentimental meaning – whether it be something for loved ones or stuff I love – every tattoo on me signifies something.

Who are your favourite tattoo artists?
I would say my favorite artists are Joshua Bowers, Alex Strangler, and Kimberly Wall.

And when did you get into cosplay? Would you like to tell our readers what it’s all about?
I started cosplaying around 2011 after being a figure model for Joe Capobianco and Kid Robot’s “The Bride” toy release. I fell in love with dressing up and being body painted and just dove into it from there. I really enjoy conventions and dressing up like characters I’ve enjoyed over the course of my life.

Erica Fett / Jason McNeil Photography 2017
Model: Erica Fett / Jason McNeil Photography 2017 –

Tell me something more about yourself. Can you describe your typical day?
A typical day for me consists of e-mails in the morning, editing videos and photos, yoga, and shooting for my Patreon site!

… And what do you get up to when you’re not working?
When I’m not working, I’m catching up on video games or reading.

I guess you exercise a lot to keep in shape. Is that so? What’s your beauty routine?
I do yoga once a day for about 30-45 minutes and long distance run.

And any guilty pleasures?
I love Peanut Butter shakes!

Erica Fett, photo by Mari Loth
Erica Fett, photo by Mari Loth

If you had to choose just one album or song to describe yourself, let’s say as the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?
The Killers – Hot Fuss.

What are the pros and cons of your line of work?
Pros are that I get to meet other amazing creators, artists, models, photographers and it’s fantastic. I meet people that inspire my daily. The cons are that it’s very demanding on social media to stay connected all throughout the day.

Is there anything you’d like to tell our readers, to people who don’t know you and maybe jump to conclusions and judge you because of the job you do or the way you look?
I would say just live and let live. Tattoos aren’t for everyone – so if you don’t like them don’t get them. Nude modeling isn’t for everyone – if you don’t like it don’t do it. Spread love and acceptance.

One last question: what plans have you got for the future in your professional life as well as on the personal front?
Right now I’m preparing cosplays for San Diego Comic Con and Anime Expo this summer. I’ve got a ton of shoots lined up and super exciting. On the personal front, I’ve got a move to the West Coast within the next year or two!

Instagram: @erica.fett
Twitter: @ericafett
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